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New destination – the islands of Tenerife

You have probably at least once heard about this Spanish island – the largest and, perhaps, the most hospitable among the entire Canary archipelago. Here windy beaches (hello to surf lovers) coexist with a cozy coast, where it is comfortable to relax with children. This island is home to the famous Loro Park and the Teide volcano, the highest point in the Atlantic Ocean. And, of course, everyone will find here entertainment to their liking: noisy youth and quiet family resorts, diving, surfing, paragliding and peaceful beach relaxation.

We at Aves Travel are sure: you will certainly love Tenerife – just as we loved it! Moreover, not so long ago a direct flight to Tenerife was opened for Ukrainians: now you can get here as comfortably as possible, without transfers, 2 times a week.

Entry rules for Spain
From July 27, all citizens of Ukraine with a biometric passport must fill out only a medical control form to enter Spain from Ukraine. You can find it on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Vaccination certificate, negative PCR test and other documents as of September 24, 2021 are not required.

The rules are subject to change, so stay tuned to the official websites or ask the managers of Aves Travel – we have up-to-date information.

Weather in Tenerife
It is a year-round resort, “the island of eternal spring,” as it is also called. The warmest here is in August, and the most comfortable holiday is in September, when the air warms up to 22–26 ° C, and the sea is even warmer than in summer.

In winter, it can be rainy in Tenerife (especially in the north), the air warms up to +16 ° С. In spring – on average up to +23 ° С, sometimes up to 26 degrees. In summer, the thermometer does not drop below +25 ° C. Of the summer months, it is better to choose June – July for a trip to the island, since August can be rainy.

The area of ​​the island is not so large (2034 km²), but due to the features of the relief, the weather in the southern part differs from the northern one. On the other side of the volcano, in the south of Tenerife, it is warmer, lower humidity and weaker wind. The temperature difference compared to the north can be up to 6 degrees.

Tenerife resorts
From the north, the island is open to the ocean wind, and from the south, it warms up on the hot African coast. Therefore, here you can find entertainment for every taste. Those who seek to sunbathe in the sun go to the south, and for those who are closer to contemplation of nature and cool weather, the north, separated from the south by a mountain range, is more suitable. At the same time, local distances are not at all great, and in one trip it is quite possible to enjoy all the delights of Tenerife.

The tourist center of the north of Tenerife is Puerto de la Cruz. It has a mild climate with high humidity and very rich vegetation. Compared to the funky southern Las Americas, which is more like Miami, a vacation in Puerto de la Cruz is calm and unhurried.

Among the southern ones, the most popular youth resort of Tenerife is Las Américas (Playa de las Américas). There are beaches with good infrastructure and various water activities.

The same comfortable, but quieter resorts are Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos. They border on Las Americas and are great for families and children.

A little further away are the Costa del Silencio resorts – the 3-kilometer “coast of silence” and the secluded El Médano: its long beaches with steady winds are a great place to go surfing.

Beach vacation
There are many beaches in Tenerife and all are very different: there are sandy and pebbly ones with developed infrastructure, as well as wild areas of the ocean coast with amazing landscapes, primeval nature and large waves crashing against the rocks.

One of these is the picturesque beach of Benijo (Playa de Benijo) with black volcanic sand, which is surrounded by relict forests, mountains and is located in the Anaga conservation area. Due to the strong waves and underwater currents, this place is more suitable for admiring nature than for swimming. You can get here by car along the serpentine road.

Almáciga Beach is another popular black and sandy beach for surfing and secluded relaxation. It is next to Benijo and the charming village of Taganana, which still retains its ancient traditions. Here you can admire the view of the coastal cliffs, going straight into the ocean, and the waves breaking on them. Several surf schools conduct their training here.

Las Teresitas (Playa de Las Teresitas) is a beautiful artificial beach with white sand brought here directly from the Sahara. Palm trees are planted here, there are showers, sun loungers and everything you may need for comfort during your stay. A specially built dam protects the beach from strong waves and currents. Thanks to it, the water here is usually warmer than on the nearest parts of the coast.

Another place for a comfortable beach holiday is Playa del Camisón with white sand, equipped with umbrellas, sun loungers and other amenities.

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