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Top 7 most environmentally friendly countries in the world worth visiting

The modern pace of life and scientific and technological progress have become the cause of many irreversible processes in nature. Therefore, environmental issues are of great importance today. Many people think about what they can do in order to save the planet for future generations, and in this regard, they change their usual way of life. This trend applies to absolutely all areas, and tourism is no exception. Conscientious travelers are interested in how to make their trips sustainable, and they also choose countries where environmental care is the dominant cult, so that they can not only relax in harmony with nature, but also be inspired by new ideas.

In harmony with nature: eco-travel destinations
Every year, The Forbes publishes a rating of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world, based on the methodology for assessing the cleanliness of the external environment, developed by experts from Yale and Columbia Universities.

If you are interested in the topic of nature conservation, it is important not only how to travel, but also which destinations to choose. The countries on the following list are veritable oases of cleanliness and examples of how to take good care of the planet into reality. Traveling to any of them will bring you a sense of unity with nature, inner peace and incredible inspiration.

Here you can breathe in the crystal clear air, enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the Alps and the famous Rhine Falls. Most often this country is associated with skiing, but in fact, Switzerland has a lot to do, even if you do not like active winter sports. Be sure to ride the Glacier Express to visit Chillon Castle and the UN headquarters. In addition, travelers should definitely try the local chocolate and cheese, which are considered the best in the world!
A trip to Sweden will be no less exciting, where you can stay in an unusual ice hotel, walk through an underwater tunnel, visit Carlson. Many guests are attracted by the huge number of fairytale castles and the incredible beauty of Stockholm. And we advise all car enthusiasts to visit a Volvo car museum.

This wealthy European country is the perfect example of caring for the preservation of nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that a trip here will be remembered for its incredible landscapes: high mountains covered with glaciers, famous fjords, the ocean, waterfalls, rocks and incredibly clean air. There is no better place for true harmony!

Costa Rica
Do you want to relax on the ocean coast? What about two oceans at once? Costa Rica is considered one of the best destinations for the perfect beach holiday, with incredible black sand beaches, clean warm waters and a mild climate. This is a real paradise for wildlife lovers, because the whole country is a continuous nature reserve with an abundance of riotous greenery and exotic animals.

A good option if you have long dreamed of getting to know the Amazonian jungle. There are practically no large industrial enterprises in the country, so it can boast of a favorable environmental situation.

New Zealand
Deservedly called one of the cleanest green corners of the planet. It attracts tourists from all over the world with its stunningly beautiful national parks.

When you are going to this amazing country, be sure to visit the Saga Bamboo Forest, the famous Kawachi Fuji Garden and Himeji Castle. Here you can also admire the majesty of Mount Fujiyama and the Sakurajima volcano, take a walk in Japanese Disneyland.

In addition to the undoubted leaders of The Forbes rating, eco-tourists also deserve attention from Croatia, Albania, Israel, Iceland, Finland, Austria, Tanzania, Canada, Malta and Bhutan.

Combine a pleasant holiday with care for nature: travel consciously, discover islands of purity and be inspired by the examples of the most environmentally friendly countries. Our world is beautiful, and therefore it is worth knowing, loving and saving!

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