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Balkans that will surprise you

The Balkans is a geographic region in southeastern Europe, which includes many historically significant countries that are not as famous among tourists as European locations. But in vain.

Although the Balkans are called a place where there are more than four seasons, and the fifth is war, and the First World War began precisely with the fatal shot in Sarajevo, it has incredibly beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage.

The Balkan Peninsula stretches from Slovenia to Greece, and is washed by four seas: Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean and Black.

Which direction is better to choose?

Holidays in the Aegean and Ionian Sea

Holidays in Greece combine history, culture, healthy food, beautiful beaches, charming villages, a mild climate and a fun nightlife!

It is really difficult to decide which ticket to buy to Greece, because every Greek island is unique, and Athens is one of the oldest European capitals, comparable in its cultural value only to Rome.

The Ionian Sea washes the island of Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaca, and if you do not like extreme heat, it will delight you with a temperature of +24 – +25 even in the sunshine.

If you prefer diving, then the Aegean Sea has the richest natural world. Travel to Kos or Halkidiki.

If you can only go to one island, visit Crete or Santorini (they have something to see and do), if there are two, then let it be romantic Santorini and the most fashionable resort in Greece – Mykonos.

The visiting card of Greece is the amazing beauty of the sea. If the Aegean is dominated by a deep, rich turquoise color, then the waters of the Mediterranean Sea are bright blue, and the Ionian Sea is aquamarine because of the chalk rocks.

Adriatic sea resorts

Holidays in Montenegro, in the smallest country of the Balkans, where even in summer snow lies in the mountains, and on the coast you can find Venetian-style architecture, will appeal to both the economical tourist and the lover of luxurious rest. And you don’t need a visa here!

Podgorica (old Titograd) is the youngest capital of Europe and the political, administrative, economic and cultural center of Montenegro. It is a city for business travel and cultural programs, where there are very few tourists.

For a seaside vacation, head to Budva, a 2,500-year-old coastal town with beautiful beaches and an old town.

Tours to Montenegro are very popular in Kotor. The city is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, and has been called “the pearl of Montenegro”. It is best known for its medieval walls that surround the Old Town with cobbled streets and churches – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Buying a ticket to Montenegro means visiting world heritage sites, both created by man and nature.

For example, the Tara River Canyon, 85 km long, is one of the deepest in Europe and is ideal for hiking or rafting. There are many waterfalls, which are especially beautiful in the summer.

In just one trip, you can see all the most beautiful corners of this tiny but majestic country!

Resorts of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea

How many people do you know who have been to Albania? Tours to Albania are not very popular precisely because of misconceptions about this country. Today “the last mystery of Europe” is a beautiful, safe and very unused place for sea tourism.

Rest in Albania means swimming in the waves of the Adriatic in the morning and sunbathing by the Ionian Sea in the evening. This is Borsch, which has nothing to do with beet soup. Own Maldives and the most delicious Italian cuisine in the world, besides Italy itself, according to the Italians themselves. And there are also many medieval castles!

Buying a ticket to Albania does not mean only a vacation on the coast.

Here you can visit the Logara National Park, a mountainous nature reserve that includes a variety of vegetation, from beech forests to alpine meadows.

When is it worth going to the Balkans?
The best time to visit the Balkans is in spring, when you can enjoy long sunny days and mild weather. The food is also the freshest and tastiest at this time.

Summer brings with it long, hot days that are perfect for a beach holiday.

Fall is a welcome relief from the summer heat, but temperatures will still be warm enough for outdoor activities.

We at Aves Travel will help you buy a ticket to the Balkans according to the best scenario, whenever you plan your trip!

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