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Toll Roads in Europe: Everything You Wanted to Know
It is a great idea to drive a car in Europe, but apart from the peculiarities of traffic rules in the country where you plan to travel, you should know…


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Odessa, as you have not seen it yet

We will not tell you anything new if we say that Odessa is a unique city that has no equal. You already know that! Odessa language, Odessa humor, Odessa folklore, the very atmosphere of a beautiful, noisy, cheerful seaside city – all this is so “tasty” that everyone wants to personally touch such a miracle, at least for a few days to feel like a part of it.

But do not forget that the impressions of the trip will primarily depend on how to spend time in Odessa! An independent study of the city is a good thing, of course, but it requires at least a whole vacation. Jogging through the sights accompanied by a boring guide mumbling a memorized text will do little. An inspirational guide is needed. A man in love with his city. Knowing something about him that you cannot read on the Internet. Carrying the very spirit of Odessa and able to share it.

Aves Travel tour operator cooperates with perhaps the most creative Odessa partners. Guides conduct original, thematic, unusual excursions around Odessa, allowing you to look into its most hidden corners. And, in addition, they conduct quests around Odessa – educational and non-standard excursions are complemented by a game element that gives vivid emotions and enriches the impressions of the trip.

Diverse Odessa – where to go to get to know her
You cannot grasp the immensity and see everything that interests you in a couple of days. But you can focus on one or another element of the “Odessa image” and get to know it better. There are many thematic excursions:

In courtyards, catacombs, markets, cemeteries, streets

Devoted to religions, everyday life, traditions of different ethnic groups inhabiting Odessa

Introducing the port, film studio, museums, architectural or historical sights

Literary, historical, military, humorous

Theatrical, during which you meet the characters

Gastronomic, allowing you to get new taste experiences along with new information

You can even book a personal guide for the whole day. And independently agree with him about the subject of the excursion around Odessa, which is interesting for you.

Quests for adults in Odessa and other non-standard events
Adults love to play as much as children! It’s just that in everyday life they are too pressured by the burden of responsibility and lack of free time. A weekend tour to Odessa is a great opportunity to play in good company, stretch your brains, have fun, and find yourself in a new reality.

Labyrinths in the Odessa catacombs, the search for twelve chairs, the pursuit of the legendary Japanese bandit and other quest stories are very exciting. For a corporate group, they can be an excellent team building option. By the way, team building role-playing games are also held in Odessa. Aves Travel highly recommends including them in the corporate group tours program. The trips will become not only useful, but also unforgettable!

Families with children can participate in shared quests (if the children are old enough). Or send children on a children’s quest with their peers, and themselves “come off” on adult quests, throwing off the masks of “serious people”. It is very beneficial to do this periodically for mental and physical health.

Interesting master classes, theatrical lunches and dinners, and thematic photo sessions are also a non-standard tourist pastime.

Odessa in every sense is not like other cities. And the journey to it should be special too! Aves Travel will be happy to help you organize a non-standard tour, suggest original ways to spend your time, and relieve you of the hassle of organizing your trip.

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