What is team building?
You can extol the power of money and material values ​​as much as you like, but any reasonable leader understands that the main resource of a business is people, cadres,…

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What is team building?
You can extol the power of money and material values ​​as much as you like, but any reasonable leader understands that the main resource of a business is people, cadres,…

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Ski resorts in Turkey and Bukovel

When winter comes, all people fall into two categories. Some miss the warm sun and go after it to warm southern countries. Others are waiting for fluffy snow to fully enjoy all the beauty of the winter season. But there is also a third category – those who like to bask on the beach in summer and ski in winter. After all, you can love both summer and winter at the same time, traveling across cities and continents with Aves Travel! We offer to arrange for you the perfect winter vacation in one of the ski resorts in Turkey or Bukovel.

Ski holidays in Turkey
Winter travel has many advantages here. This is a combination of pleasant prices with excellent service, and a buffet famous for its variety. You can go here with a cheerful friendly company and a family with children during the holidays. For adults, good hotels provide a rich nightlife with disco and bars. There are mini-clubs for children. And for everyone – swimming pools, hammam, jacuzzi, massage rooms and fitness rooms. Well, and of course, the Turkish winter: mild, snowy, with a snow cover up to 3 m high.

Which resorts in Turkey we offer for skiing:

Erciyes, Cappadocia
Cappadocia itself is known for its incredible landscapes and landscapes, stone volcanic pillars of unusual shapes and cave dwellings of ancient people in the valleys dating back to about 1,000 BC. e.

Erciyes resort is located on the slopes of the mountain of the same name, the highest point in Central Anatolia, and stretches on the Tekir plateau. The top of this mountain is a crater of an extinct volcano and is covered with snow for 12 months a year. The ideal period for skiing here is in winter, from December to March.

Why choose Erciyes:

Direct flights from Kiev, Odessa, Zaporozhye and Kharkov (UIA company).

Good choice of hotels (in the center of Kayseri town or on the slopes of Mount Erciyes).

Fast transfer to the hotel (only 20 km from Erciyes airport).

18 different lifts, 2 of which are gondola cabins.

A varied vacation (skiing and snowboarding can be combined with excursions to ancient places and shopping).

In “Aves Travel” you will be offered individual author’s tours, taking into account your slightest wishes and ready-made programs suitable for most tourists, for example:

New Year in Kayseri at Ibis Hotel Kayseri 3 *

Mirada Del Monte hotel 3 *

The Kayseri Loft Hotel

Mirada Del Lago hotel 4 *

This beautiful resort is the official training site of the Turkish Alpine Ski Team. It is located at the Armenian border, 15 km from the airport (20 minutes) and 6 km from Erzurum. The ski season runs from mid-December to April.

The pistes here are certified by the International Ski Federation and are very diverse: suitable for both beginners (most slopes) and confident skiers.

Why choose Palandoken for your ski holiday:

Direct flights from Kiev to Erzurum (UIA).

7 lifts that can lift 6300 people per hour.

All hotels are located near the ski lifts (no more than 50-300 m).

Fast transfer to the hotel (the mountain is located 15 km from the airport).

In many good hotels, ski-pass is included in the price (check with Aves Travel managers for this information).

In addition to active recreation, being in Palandoken, you can go on excursions to the ancient city of Erzurum, founded in the IV century. like a Byzantine fortress. Today it is an important cultural center and a large capital of the province of the same name, where modern boulevards and universities contrast with ancient minarets and quarters. Be sure to visit:

The symbol of the city is the Chiften Minareli Madrasah with a double minaret (13th century).

A complex of three mausoleums Uch Kumbetler.

Great Mosque (XII century).

Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (16th century).

Monument to Azizia Anita, erected in honor of the heroes of Erzurum in the Russian-Turkish war of 1878.

A colorful Turkish bazaar where you can buy spices and teas.

If desired, from Palandoken, you can go on an excursion to another ancient city – Trabzon, which during the Ottoman Empire was on the Great Silk Road. Its outstanding attraction is the Hagia Sophia with frescoes depicting scenes from the New Testament and dating from the 13th century.
Palandoken Hotels – Aves Travel’s Choice:

New Year in Palandoken at Sway Hotels 5 *

Palan Hotel Erzurum 4 *

Polat Erzurum Resort Hotel 5 hotel *

Dedeman Palandoken Ski Resort 4 hotel *

A compact resort town located in the western part of the Turkish Black Sea region in the Koroglu mountains of Bolu province. Trails at an altitude of 1800–2200 m above sea level. It is better to skate here from the second half of December to March, when, in good weather conditions, the height of the snow cover can reach 3 m.

Kartalkaya is a good place for biathlon, slalom, for inexperienced skiers and those who are already good at skating. There are smooth descents, so you can go snowboarding here.

Why choose Kartalkaya:

Hotels with the favorite all-inclusive concept.

17 different lifts without queues.

30 km of ski slopes with different levels of difficulty.

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