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Holidays in the mountains in Ukraine

The unimaginable beauty of mountain landscapes, aromas of medicinal herbs, fabulous forests, flower fields, fragrant Hutsul cheese and wine, thermal baths and warm hospitality … Rest in the Ukrainian Carpathians always surprises with something new, and it is simply impossible to completely repeat your trip here! People come here for a “reboot”, recovery and inspiration, adrenaline and admiring the quiet beauty of the surrounding nature.

And if you don’t know where to go this time, we at Aves Travel will help you. Today, the focus of attention is the most interesting places for mountain recreation in Ukraine.

An amazing place in the Prut river valley, surrounded by the Carpathian National Natural Park. People come here to walk a lot: see churches built without a single nail (John the Merciful, Ilyinskaya), admire the rocky views, walk along the Dovbush trail, climb Mount Montenegro, swim in the waters of the Probiy waterfall. There is also a cool market in Yaremche where you can buy local souvenirs – embroidery, mushrooms, berries, herbs.

If you want to plunge into a real fairy tale surrounded by wild nature and fantastic landscapes, choose Vorokhta. This resort has been known since the days of the Austrian Empire, and the spirit of that time still lives here.

From here it is most convenient to start your climbing route to Hoverla. From entertainment – picking mushrooms and berries in the forest, a walk to the lake. Nesamovity and on the mountain Pop-Ivan, where in 1938 the White Elephant Observatory was built.

The name of the highest mountain in the Carpathians in Hungarian sounds like Hóvár, which means “Snow Mountain”. This is absolutely true, because even in the warm season you can see snow here.

A small flat area on the top of Hoverla will allow you to enjoy the surrounding landscapes with a completely new look. In clear weather, you can see all the Ukrainian Carpathians and the Montenegrin ridge from here. Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sigetu-Marmatsii (Romania) are visible.

During the ascent, you will admire alpine meadows and coniferous groves, beech forests and bush fields. Some plant species can be found only here. And at the very foot of the mountain there is a very beautiful waterfall, spewing out a cascading stream of water from a height of 80 m.

You can talk a lot about Hoverla – here they confess their love, celebrate birthdays, begin a new stage of life and simply enjoy the delightful beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

The visiting card of our Carpathians and the largest mountain lake in Ukraine. The beauty of the surrounding nature – bright greenery, covering the mountain slopes, beech and pine forests around, mighty century-old trees – delight even the most sophisticated travelers. Trout is found in the lake itself, and the mountain air is crystal clear.

In the middle of the reservoir there is a small island, on one of the banks there is a 30-meter wooden sculpture “Sin and Vir”, immortalizing the lovers of the characters of the old legend, from whose names, as they say, its name comes from. However, scientists have their own opinion about the origin of the lake. It is believed that Synevyr was formed 10 thousand years ago as a result of an earthquake and the movement of rocks.

The lake is located in the territory of the National Park, therefore fishing, hunting and deforestation are prohibited here. Thanks to this, many rare representatives of fauna and flora from the Red Book have the opportunity to freely live here.

The balneological resort of Kvasy is located in the valley of the Black Tisa River, 15 km from Rakhiv. From here go hiking to Hoverla and Petros; nearby are also Trufanets waterfall and Dragobrat ski resort.

In Kvasy itself there are more than 80 springs with mineral water, which belongs to the “Essentuki” type. There are hydrogen sulfide, silicon-iron, calcium-silicon and bicarbonate-sodium waters, which are used for bathing, treatment and rehabilitation of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system.

Perhaps the most popular mountain resort in Ukraine, where you can rest 365 days a year. They go skiing in winter, swim in an artificial lake in summer, go fishing and hiking in the mountains. And also – wakeboarding, climbing wall, jet skis, diving, zip line, swing with obstacles at a height of up to 6 m. How do you like that? And, of course, many excursions – Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Sheshorsky Guk, Probiy waterfalls and many other attractions.

The picturesque Transcarpathian town is located 5 km from the border with Hungary, and the spirit of Europe reigns here literally in everything: architecture, traditions, and a noble atmosphere.

People come here for the healing waters of thermal pools with a unique composition, developed resort infrastructure, aesthetic, gastronomic pleasures and, of course, interesting excursions. This is the main feature of Beregovo – between treatments you will definitely have something to do.

Many architectural monuments have been preserved in the ancient city, there is a historical and ethnographic museum, the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, dated to the XII century.

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