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Country complexes near Kiev

“What is the difference between an ordinary vacation and a luxurious one?” – you ask.

“The level of comfort!” – we will answer you.

Agree, it is undoubtedly pleasant to wake up in a beautiful hotel when you are on vacation. And just like that, for no reason, it’s great to give up everything and leave Kiev for a few days in a suburban complex.

Take a shower there, put on a soft white hotel robe, fall on the perfectly ironed hotel sheets, always white and clean, go to the balcony, and breathe in the fresh forest air.

In the morning order coffee in your room, in the evening – champagne with strawberries. Nobody worries. Peace and quiet. No hassle. Time to be alone with nature and come to inner harmony.

This change of scene is called a reboot. It is necessary for every person, regardless of whether you have a house outside the city.

To feel royally good, you need to stop thinking about everyday life for at least one night.

We present to your attention the best suburban complexes near Kiev, repeatedly tested by us, and, with pride, bearing such a high status:

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Located 10 km from Poltava, the village of Sosnovka.

If you want to live in nature, and at the same time beautifully, the Verholy Relax Park Hotel is what you need.

Here you will feel like a hero of the American cinema of recent years, as each house is made in the style of prairie or “organic style” with flat roofs and wall-to-wall windows. It is the most popular architectural style in the United States at the moment.

There are rooms for every taste.

If you have a large family, then you can stay in a spacious chalet with a completely enclosed area.

And if you crave a secluded romantic getaway, then in a cottage, which is lost surrounded by a pine forest, creating the feeling that you are alone in the whole forest.

You can also rent hotel rooms, which are very popular with business travelers.

The complex has its own stable with an equestrian sports complex. The service is available for both very young children and adults. It will be interesting for everyone: both beginners and professional riders, because you can dissect across endless spaces on a chestnut horse!


A wide range of SPA services, 3 types of saunas, a gym, 2 types of swimming pools

Wine bar, gourmet restaurant, phyto-bar

Rooms, cottages, chalets

Minimalism and high-tech style

Things to do:

horse riding;


table tennis;

ride gyroscooters;

go skiing in winter;

read books in the Reading place;

arrange a photo session;

go to the SPA.

This suburban complex can be described in two words: harmony and tranquility. It is the ideal retreat for a stylish getaway in the midst of nature.

Hotel Selena
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Located 185 km from Kiev on the highway, Cherkasy region.

Here you can feel the charm of a real Cossack outdoor recreation right on the banks of the Dnieper River.

The hotel is ideal for families, as there is something for everyone to do here, as well as a well-developed infrastructure for children.

The uniqueness of this suburban complex is in its tennis club, founded in 2007. International tennis tournaments have been held here many times, and now it is the official training ground for Olympic champions, where you can play too!

You can stay either at the hotel or arrange a country holiday in a cottage made of natural wood, surrounded by lakes and mixed forests.


European cuisine restaurant with a children’s corner


8 tennis courts

Sauna on the wood

Open pool

Equipped sandy beach

Rooms, bungalow, family villa

Country style

Things to do:

play badminton;

ride a bike or electric scooter;

go fishing;

To set a picnic;

take a steam bath;

take tennis lessons from a professional player;

sunbathe on the beach;

swim in the pool.

If you have never seen the architecture of the “Kiev Gaudi” or have not been to the Valley of Roses, then why not stop by, on your way home, to Cherkassy? So you can combine outdoor recreation with an educational cultural program.

Spa Hotel Shishkinn
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Located 163 km from Kiev, Chernihiv region, Snovyanka village.

Where to rent a cottage near Kiev, if you want to arrange a family vacation, and be alone, and have fun with friends?

At the same time, the country SPA hotel “ShishkiNN” meets all these three requests.

You can leave your child in the playroom, where he will have fun with other kids under the supervision of a teacher, while you yourself enjoy a romantic SPA complex, or you will ride with friends on ATVs through the forest.

The complex is hidden in the thicket of the Chernigov forests, on the banks of the purest river Snov.

The territory is so large that the houses are lost surrounded by numerous lakes and pine trees.

Rest in the cottages of the complex near Kiev is suitable for all those who want to relax in nature in a homely atmosphere.

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