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Which country to choose as your first safari trip

European languages ​​borrowed the word “safari” from Swahili. At first, it meant exotic hunting in Africa. Nowadays, safari is most often a detailed inspection of the reserve. But no one will say that they took a safari tour of Saxon Switzerland or the Lake District of Britain. This word still means, first of all, a trip to the African continent.

Where to go on a safari for the first time is not an idle question for a European. Each of the African countries is not like Europe, but each in its own way. The climate, infrastructure, prices for tourist services, food, medicine, hygiene standards, the danger of meeting pathogens of exotic diseases can be strikingly different.

In addition, in some African countries, the contact of people with wildlife is closer than is comfortable for a European adventurer.

Therefore, when planning your first trip to Africa, you need to think carefully about everything, calculate the strength, emotional readiness, and at the same time the budget. It is very important that the first trip is successful and arouses the desire to continue acquaintance with the African continent. Because what you see here, you will not see anywhere else in the world!

Aves Travel has prepared for you a short overview of the countries suitable for your first safari. It is based on the impressions and reviews of our tourists who have already returned from Africa.

Most suitable countries for beginner safari
South Africa
The country farthest from Europe is nevertheless the most “European” in Africa. Starting with the racial composition and ending with the level of economic development.

There is a wide range of hotels in South Africa – from luxurious to modest, but quite decent. The climate is also close to the usual, and there is no need to protect yourself from malaria or fever – they are absent here

But there are plenty of unique tourist sites!

Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope, whales, marine animal and bird colonies can be seen near Cape Town.

A trip to Victoria Falls is available (although it is no longer in South Africa).

The country has many private reserves for effortless yet action-packed safaris, and the Kruger Park is one of the oldest and best national parks in the world.

In short, you will not find absolutely “wild Africa” ​​in South Africa. But get close enough to her!

This country has relied on the development of the safari industry for a long time, and it was right! Tanzania has everything for a comfortable and emotionally rich acquaintance with the unique wildlife of the continent. Comfortable lodges (hotels in nature reserves), professional guides, interesting and at the same time completely safe routes.

“Hits” of Tanzania are:

Serengeti – National Park, from where the Great Migration starts – the seasonal transition of ungulates

Ngorongoro is a unique ecosystem in the area of ​​extinct volcanoes with the highest density of animals in Africa

Lakes Manyara and Tarangire – in one of them you can see thousands of flamingos at the same time, and all the animals living in the area come to the other to drink

Aves Travel tourists, for whom safari tours to Africa start from Tanzania, most often come “for more.”

Not only a neighbor, but also Tanzania’s “closest relative” in organizing interesting safaris. By the way, this is where zebras and antelopes go during the “great migration”, because for them state borders do not matter.

Here you can also get acquainted with the culture of the Massai – an African tribe that continues to live side by side with wildlife, preserving their age-old traditions. It is very interesting!

Kenya has many unique national parks. It is impossible to visit them in one trip. According to the reviews of Aves Travel tourists, the most important are:

Masai Mara, in which you can see the “great migration”

Amboseli with views of Mount Kilimanjaro

Naivasha – the lake where hippos live

Aves Travel recommendation: If you are traveling to Tanzania or Kenya, do not forget about anti-malaria prophylaxis. Unfortunately, their climate is favorable for the anopheles mosquito. It is also advisable to be vaccinated against yellow fever.

But in dry and hot Namibia, there is no malaria or fever. You can go here without fear even with children.

Worth visiting in Namibia:

Etosha is one of the oldest national parks in Africa

Namib Desert (sand dunes and forests of dead trees)

The most beautiful canyon Fish River Canyon

Epupa Falls

Skeleton Coast

Abandoned city of diamond miners

Villages of Bushmen, Herero, Himb and other tribes that have preserved their traditional way of life

Aves Travel tour operator will be happy to help you organize a safari in Africa according to your individual program.

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