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Where to go for Valentine’s Day. TOP 8 places

If you are looking for travel options so that your Valentine’s Day holiday will bring a smile on your partner’s face and melt his heart, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the author’s selection of the best places from the tour operator Aves Travel.

Surprise your soulmate with a dinner on the other side of the world, the best sunset or the phrase “I love you” in the ideal setting of an exotic “adults only” hotel!

1. Maldives
Valentine’s Day in the Maldives will be held in an atmosphere of luxury and romance. On these paradise atolls in the Indian Ocean, you can retire with your beloved among unspoiled beaches and turquoise lagoons.

It is a mistake to think that you can relax here only by spending a big sum. On the contrary, the Maldives offers hotels to suit all tastes and budgets!

We also suggest combining a secluded holiday in the Maldives with a visit to the UAE, depending on your preferences and the length of your vacation.

How to get there?

Direct charter flight from Kiev with UIA and Azur Air;
Comfortable flight with Turkish Airlines with a connection in Istanbul and Qatar Airways with a connection in Doha;
Airlines Fly Dubai and Emirates connecting to Dubai.
Do I need to take a test for Covid-19?

Yes. To enter the Maldives, a PCR test is required, passed no more than 4 days before departure from the point of exit.

2. Dominican Republic
If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Dominican Republic, then we will choose for you a luxury all-inclusive hotel with a huge territory, big discounts on accommodation right on the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean coast.

You can enjoy author’s individual excursions, ride through the jungle in luxurious convertibles and sports cars, and spend your holidays in your own villa in Punta Cana or Bavaro, which will become a real decoration of your trip.

And also, you can present the best fishing on the island to your beloved, and an unforgettable trip on a private yacht for your beloved!

How to get there?

Direct charter flight from Kiev on the wings of Azur Air or UIA.

Do I need to take a test for Covid-19?

No. You do not need a test and visa to enter the Dominican Republic.

3. Mexico
Here you can arrange yourself a quality beach vacation, in the American style, on the Caribbean coast in resorts such as Cancun, Riviera Maya or Tulum, whose beaches are among the top 10 best in the world.

Accommodation in a boutique hotel, a rich excursion program around the ancient places of the Mayan and Aztec civilization will help you feel the atmosphere of real Mexico, and set even the biggest skeptics in a romantic mood!

Do I need to take a test for Covid-19?

Yes. You must have a negative PCR test and an electronic entry permit, which we will help you to issue.

How to get there?

Turkish Airlines with a connection in Istanbul.
If you have an American visa, we suggest combining a tour to Mexico with a visit to Miami or any other city of your choice.

4. Zanzibar
Where to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Zanzibar? Of course, on the coast of the Indian Ocean!

Here you will definitely not be bored: a night of Swahili culture, climbing Kilimanjaro, visiting a national park, diving and a real safari in Tanzania – a romantic getaway will turn into an exciting adventure for the most active couples!

How to get there?

Direct charter flight from Kiev on the wings of SkyUp airline.

Do I need to take a test for Covid-19?

No. You don’t need a test to enter, and the visa itself is made at the airport after arrival.

If you want to spend Valentine’s Day abroad, but only have one weekend for this, then we suggest that you consider the following directions:

5. Excursion tour to Macedonia or Cappadocia (Turkey)
Discover a land of rolling emerald green hills, rare flora and fauna, extraordinary wildlife and vast lakes on a self-guided tour for two to North Macedonia.

And Cappadocia, with its underground cities, fabulous sunsets, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding tours and hotels offering cave accommodation, is sure to set the mood for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

How to get there?

Direct flight from Kiev to Skopje (Macedonia) and to Kayseri or Ankara (Turkey) airports.

Do I need to take a test for Covid-19?

Yes, delivered no more than 72 hours before entering the country.

6. Romantic weekend in one of the cities of Ukraine
Tours for Valentine’s Day in Ukraine are an opportunity to spend a romantic vacation without passing the test for Covid-19 and forgetting about the visa.

Although the country is rich in many romantic secluded places, we suggest considering a weekend in Lviv – in the most European city of the country with unique medieval architecture!

7. Rest in one of the thermal hotels in Ukraine or in a spa hotel in Montenegro
Spend Valentine’s Day as Roman aristocrats who loved to bask in the miraculous mineral waters that cure many diseases.

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