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Where to go

A “long weekend” in summer is a real find for those who like an interesting vacation. You can do much more in three days than in a regular weekend. And if there is an opportunity to take a few more days off or days on account of the vacation, you can organize a full-fledged mini-vacation in the mode that you prefer: excursions, hikes, beach vacations, sanatorium treatment.

Interesting tours for the day of the Constitution – special offers from the tour operator Aves Travel. We have carefully prepared them to give you the opportunity to spend this weekend with pleasure and benefit!

Can constitution day tours from Kiev be inexpensive?

Yes! Thanks to our direct contracts with hotels and sanatoriums, you can purchase a tour from Kiev on the day of the Constitution in Ukraine at the most favorable price. Just follow the link and choose what suits you.

What specific tours around Ukraine on Constitution Day does Aves Travel offer?

Tour in Transcarpathia

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Perfectly timed Constitution Day bus tour directly from Kiev. In the evening of June 26, a comfortable bus will pick you up from Brovary, metro station “Shulyavskoy”, metro station “Lesnoy” (your choice), and in the early morning on June 30 will return you to the same place.

In three busy days, you will have time:

Climb to the top of the Borzhava ridge
Admire the Shypot waterfall
Visit the centers of traditional crafts
See many towns, villages, architectural monuments in the mountains
Take part in tastings of unique Transcarpathian dishes and drinks
Enjoy relaxation on the thermal waters
Weekend tour on Constitution Day in Kherson

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Three exciting days await you:

Author’s excursion-walk around Kherson and its surroundings, during which you will not only learn a lot, but also be able to comprehend the secret of the charm of this ancient original city, touch its innermost secrets
Rest on the Kinburn spit in the national park “Beloberezhie Svyatoslav”
Wine tour with tasting in the chateau “Prince Trubetskoy Winery”
Eight-day Constitution Day Tour from Kiev to the South of Ukraine

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If you have a few more free days, besides weekends, Aves Travel offers to make an extended trip to the same region – “Mysteries of Kherson region”. In addition to everything that the previous tour promises you, you will get the opportunity to:

Plunge into the Ukrainian “Dead Sea” – a pink salt lake of extraordinary beauty and healing properties
Walk along the Oleshkovsky sands – a real mini-desert surrounded by pine forests
See the boulders of Askania Nova – a mysterious and incomprehensible natural monument. And also make unique photos with animals living in the zoo located there, the oldest in Ukraine.
Take a yacht ride on the Dnieper

Tour to the Carpathians on Constitution Day – Active weekend

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The tour offers accommodation in one of the best Carpathian spa hotels “Reikartz Carpathians”. As well as climbing Mount Vysoky Kamen and visiting the bunker of the Arpad line – an interesting fortification of the Second World War.

If you are thinking about where to go for a weekend with children, this is your option. Kids will love the seawater pool, rope park, hiking, adventure excursions and buffet dinners.

Individual tours to the Carpathians

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If, again, you have a lot of time, we offer you a tour to Yaremche. It can be made up individually for a different number of nights. Cozy and inexpensive three-star hotel “Vita Park Stanislavsky Yaremche” is located at the cascading waterfall on the Prut River.

The possibilities of this author’s tour are endless. Ethnographic excursions, master classes, tasting trips, rafting, swimming in mountain rivers, walks in the woods, folk music – just to name a few. Leave your requests on the Aves Travel website, and we will tell you more about the tour.

Ready individual caving tours for groups

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Tour from Kiev on the day of the Constitution in Ukraine can be thematic. For example, include acquaintance with some of the most interesting Ukrainian caves. In recent years, they have become available even for untrained visitors!

Mlynki, Khrustalnaya, Verteba, Atlantis, Optimistic – in a few days you can go around everything, and on the way you can see many more interesting things. Aves Travel recommends such tours for groups of 10 people, for example, work teams or friendly companies. It is possible and less, but then the tour will cost each participant a little more.

It is always profitable to buy a weekend tour from Kiev. This makes it possible to spend the weekend in an interesting and useful way, without wasting time and effort on organizing the process. Especially if the weekend is “long”.

It is not too late to book a tour for the Constitution Day in Aves Travel and give yourself, your relatives and friends a sea of ​​positive emotions and a charge of optimism!

We are waiting for your applications!

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