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Yacht tours that will surprise you

Renting a yacht or boating is a new way of travel, which offers unprecedented advantages for the tourist.

For example, this is a very aristocratic, non-standard form of recreation, and the best way to explore secluded places that can only be reached by boat.

Today, this type of tourism is especially relevant, because during a global pandemic, it is safer and more relaxed to travel on a private boat with minimal contact with strangers.

Endless clear waters of the azure sea, a glass of cool champagne, the smell of pine trees, clear blue skies, hair fluttering in the wind and a taste of salt in your mouth – you are cutting through the transparent water surface on your own snow-white yacht.

This fairy tale may go on forever, but let’s take a look at the most charming and affordable places to rent your own yacht in the Balkans.

Holidays in Croatia guarantee you an exciting journey because its coastline is surrounded by hundreds of islands and is recognized as one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in Europe.

If you decide to buy a ticket to Croatia, then you will find:

a vast coastline dotted with hundreds of islands;
calm sea;
short distances between islands and bays;
crystal clear turquoise water;
a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with a rich wine selection.
The coastline is almost 2000 km long, and there are more than 600 islands in the Adriatic Sea alone. This opens up various possibilities for yachting.

You can sail on calm seas with a light breeze in the shelter of the islands, and still not travel long distances. The most beautiful places – Split, Dubrovnik, North Dalmatia, which are under the protection of UNESCO, are all close to each other.

When is the best time to travel?
It is ideal to plan sailing tours in Croatia from April to the end of October. Summers on the Adriatic are hot and relatively calm. The air temperature on the islands is lower than on the surrounding mainland, which will provide a pleasant coolness while traveling.

Montenegro is one of the coastal countries of the Balkan Peninsula. Its coastline is heavily indented and covered with lush greenery, while high mountains and ancient port cities provide ideal conditions for yachting.

Rest on a yacht in Montenegro guarantees you:

the Bay of Kotor (Boka-Kotor Bay) protected from water and the absence of waves;
pristine nature with high mountains, canyons, turbulent rivers and clear lakes;
romantic medieval architecture;
beaches with steep cliffs and greenery;
a varied underwater kingdom with sunken ships;
pleasant prices in restaurants;
calm, unpretentious yachting.
The difference between yacht tourism in Montenegro and Croatia is that there is not a single large island on the Montenegrin coast, but only fourteen small islands, seven of which are in the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska).

The most beautiful bay is the Bay of Kotor and the ancient city of Budva. The largest and most modern marinas are located in Tivat (Porto Montenegro), Bar (OMC Marina) and Budva (Marina Budva).

Prices for yacht tours to Montenegro are lower than Croatian ones, and the impressions will remain the same bright!

When is the best time to travel?
The best time to buy a ticket to Montenegro is from May to October. And the intense heat in July and August with crowded beaches will be great to spend on your own yacht.

Crystal clear blue waters, gorgeous sunsets, warm breezes and dancing all night long. Discover the embodiment of your dream of a yacht vacation in Greece – the land of ancient knowledge!

There are about 6,000 islands here, and the coastline, 16,000 km long, is one of the longest in Europe. Relatively calm and clear waters of the Ionian, Aegean and Mediterranean seas, favorable climate and unique nature attract international yachting fans to Greece.

Yacht tours to Greece are an opportunity:

visit several Greek islands at once;
explore places untouched by ordinary tourists;
get an excellent value for money;
see some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world;
swim in magical secluded places;
enjoy the culture of Antiquity and UNESCO monuments.
Vacation on a yacht in Greece is possible both with small transitions between the islands (depending on the route, for example, from Santorini to Mykonos), and with long routes to the mainland (if desired, for example, from Santorini to Athens).

Each variant of travel on a yacht is unique, and is selected by the tour operator Aves Travel individually for each tourist.

When is the best time to travel?
It is better to buy a ticket for a yacht tour to Greece from April to November, so that it is not cold to swim in the seas of the Greek Gods.

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