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Travel Guide: Requirements for Visiting Countries
We are approaching spring together, planning a warm rest. Which countries are open today and what rules apply in them: Turkey. Do i need to do a coronavirus test? Shopping…


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Travel Guide: Requirements for Visiting Countries

We are approaching spring together, planning a warm rest. Which countries are open today and what rules apply in them:

Turkey. Do i need to do a coronavirus test?
Shopping and excursions in Istanbul, skiing in Erciyes, and also many walks, relaxation, hot air balloon flights and cool hotels at good prices.
From March we expect a weakening of quarantine requirements, but until the end of February – a coronavirus test 72 hours before departure (original or in electronic form). Restaurants now work only in hotels, the rest – for take-away.

Wonderful sea, turtles, dolphins, schools of colorful fish and affordable prices for holidays. It’s much warmer here in March, so it’s time to book.
The COVID-19 test can be taken 72 hours before departure or on site. The last option – as a last resort, it is better to rent at home, so as not to get into self-isolation at the hotel. The document must be in English, with a QR code and wet stamp.

Interesting excursions, Luxurious nature, gentle sea.
There is no direct flight, the flight is via Istanbul. The 72 hour test is only needed if you are planning a walk around Istanbul.
Dominican Republic
Incredible ocean, great excursions, paradise landscapes.
Among the restrictions: it is not allowed to leave the hotel in the evening and on weekends (except for excursions). No coronavirus tests needed, direct charter flight with connecting flights in Europe. So far, but there may be innovations, so we keep our finger on the pulse.

Things to know before flying to Zanzibar (Tanzania)
Exotic African cuisine, blue ocean, complete relaxation and incredible safari.
We fly by direct charter without tests, the visa is issued on the spot. Tours are sold out very quickly, so it is better to take care in advance. There are restrictions on revealing clothing for women and men outside the hotel. With fines, so we are planning a wardrobe.

There are not many tourists now, but all shopping centers and sightseeing facilities are open (with the exception of Abu Dhabi). Strict mask regime, you can swim without masks. A COVID-19 test is taken at home 72 hours before departure, plus one more at the airport. The first day we are waiting for the results in the room.

Incredible safari and gentle Indian Ocean – you can combine or plan one thing. And at a very good price – from $ 1000 per person.
Charters open from April 16th. A visa is issued online before departure (who needs it, we will help with this). Test – in 96 hours.
Sri Lanka
Excursions, gorgeous beaches and exotic nature. Now there are no charters, but there are regular flights to Colombo via the UAE. PLR tests are needed 4: 72 hours before departure, upon arrival, on the 5th and 12th day of rest. Among the restrictions – you cannot leave the hotel territory, after the test on the 5th day, excursions from tour operators are allowed. Testing at your own expense.

Tour to the Maldives: when to take the PLR ​​test
A paradise vacation at very good prices for this destination. If you fly through the UAE, we pass the coronavirus test 72 hours in advance (when returning home the same way). On a direct flight, a test is required 96 hours in advance.
If you live in a guest house or on an island with local residents, a test is taken by the return flight (at your own expense, from $ 80).

Wonderful excursions in Sofia and a good ski vacation. You can go by bus or fly away (faster and more convenient). The test is taken in 72 hours.

The Dead Sea, wonderful Aqaba, historical Petra – there is something to see.
We go through testing 72 hours before departure, another one – upon arrival in Amman (at our own expense, about $ 60).
New visas have not been issued yet; restoration is possible in the summer. Those with open visas take the coronavirus test 72 hours before departure. Each state has its own restrictions, so it is better to clarify everything in advance.
Armenia and Kazakhstan
They host guests with a COVID-19 test taken 72 hours in advance.

While Europe is closed to tourists, Greece has announced the opening of its borders in May. Before departure, a test or vaccinations are done – of your choice. More precisely, there are no rules yet, but the discovery itself is already great news!

Opens from March. Here, countries are divided into zones with security levels. Tourists from green countries take a test upon arrival (free of charge). “Orange” and “red” – 72 hours before and one more on arrival. It is prohibited to enter from countries with a “gray” zone. Reliefs are planned from April. The security zone data is reviewed weekly, so it is best to be prepared for possible tests.
Among the open countries are also Costa Rica, Namibia, Honduras – if you want to go here, we will clarify all the relevant information for you.
Tests for coronavirus in Ukraine are handed over upon returning from the “red” zones. The information changes weekly, we follow the website of the Ministry of Health.
The vacation will bring maximum pleasant impressions, if you entrust her organization to Aves Travel. Contact us for all questions – we will tell you everything and plan your vacation until you return home.

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