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What is interesting about Montenegro

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Have you ever drank water straight from the river? Or have you experienced an adrenaline rush from a zipline in the deepest canyon in Europe? Have you ever done kitesurfing on an upstream river? Have you visited the relics of a miraculous saint? Rest in Montenegro is a place of new discoveries!

Why is it worth buying a ticket to Montenegro?
The country stands at the crossroads of east and west, and the influence of various civilizations has been perfectly preserved to this day in its architecture and culture. Here you will find the influence of Rome and Venice, and Catholic churches and houses in the Art Nouveau style, and medieval castles and socialist buildings.

Imagine cities and towns as old as Greece, serene, calm, sapphire beaches of Croatia, the giant snow-capped peaks of Switzerland with ice caps. Now put them together, put them in a lush Mediterranean climate, and what do you get? Montenegro, of course.

Beach holidays in Montenegro
Vacation at the sea in Montenegro is a paradise for beach lovers. The coastline is 293 km long and consists of 117 magnificent beaches with a total length of 73 km.

This magical tiny republic borders the Adriatic before melting into a striking landscape of black pine forests, high mountains and glacial lakes.

For resorts located on the Adriatic coast (Budva, Becici, Petrovac, Sveti Stefan, etc.), the beach season lasts from May to October.

Whether you are planning a vacation with children or a romantic weekend, the tour operator Aves Travel will help you create the best program for a fun beach holiday in Montenegro!

Yacht tourism in Montenegro
Buying a ticket to Montenegro with a private yacht rental is a very popular type of vacation today, as it allows you to maximally protect yourself from the influence of the pandemic.

A secluded vacation on your own yacht with the opportunity to visit such corners of the country, which will not be reached even by transport – you will remember such a vacation in Montenegro for a long time.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Bay of Kotor or Boka Kotorska with steep mountains, calm clear waters and tropical fjords. Montenegro even competes with Monaco in some ways, so do not miss the opportunity to admire the superyachts in the port of Montenegro.

The approximately 300 km of beaches and coves that stretch along the coast of Montenegro are dotted with tiny towns, fishing villages and beautiful mountain ranges. The options for your possible routes are simply endless!

A tour of Montenegro allows you to get the most out of the impressive World Heritage and Nature sites, as well as fascinating museums and historic art galleries. And on board your own yacht, you can taste the freshest local cuisine and experience Montenegrin culture.

Rent a villa in Montenegro
Tours to Montenegro with renting your own villa are a great opportunity to get a luxurious and high-quality vacation, especially for families with children and large companies.

Tour operator Aves Travel specializes in the provision of luxury villas for rent in the best corners of Montenegro.

We will help you settle in right by the sea, where you can enjoy the breathtaking coastline. We will select, if necessary, our own cook and butler, or a cozy nest for two with a personal access to the sea.

The accommodations we offer range from newly built super luxurious villas to meticulously restored traditional stone buildings.

We will help you choose a suitable accommodation option for you and an author’s travel program to make your vacation in Montenegro unforgettable!

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