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Buy a tour to the Maldives with a discount

To be honest, the pandemic announced in the spring broke vacation plans for thousands of people. And it hit hard on the economy of tourist countries.

By the end of the summer, when the situation had stabilized somewhat, the leaders of the world tourism industry began to make active attempts to “save the season” by opening their countries to tourist visits and offering unprecedentedly favorable conditions for high-class recreation.

This opens up endless opportunities for Ukrainians who are ready to shift their vacation to autumn-winter and spend it in the equatorial zone. At the moment, three resort countries are open for us: Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives.

Discounts on Maldives hotels literally boggle the imagination of experienced tour operators. Air carriers are also “competing for customers”, reducing the cost of flights. So ordering a tour to the Maldives from Kiev is now more profitable than ever – the prices are very, very attractive.

Aves Travel is happy to organize discounted Maldives tours for you. He will also explain in detail the procedure for entering the Maldives.

In fact, traveling during a pandemic is not scary, not dangerous, not difficult, and most importantly, it is very profitable. As an added bonus, you will get a unique opportunity to enjoy the relative “seclusion” of fashionable upscale resorts. This means there will be no crowding on beaches, noise in hotels, and queues in restaurants and the need to book a table in advance.

Maldives and coronavirus – why the 2020 season is good
The Maldives’ economy is driven by tourism. And I must say that the local population understands well “from which side their bread is smeared with butter.” Literally everything in this small country, consisting of a thousand picturesque atolls, is done to make guests feel like they are in paradise and want to return.

Holidays in the Maldives are an amazing combination of virgin nature and royal luxury. It is so easy to get away from all worries and enjoy every moment: the sound of the ocean, rustle of foliage, singing of birds, the comfort of luxury hotels. Diving, surfing, coconuts straight from the palm tree and other delights of a relaxed beach holiday.

Tours to the Maldives have always been significantly more expensive than other island states. What stopped many Ukrainians from acquiring them. This year is an exception. Maldives discounts like never before!

It costs $ 2,300 to spend a week together in a four-star hotel in all-inclusive mode. Moreover, in addition to food and accommodation, this price includes all taxes and fees, local transfers and medical insurance. Turkish Airlines (tickets with luggage and convenient connection in Istanbul) will take you to the paradise islands for just $ 750. That is, ordering a tour to the Maldives is almost more profitable than flying to a closer and more familiar Egypt!

For Ukrainians, entry into the country has been open since August 1. Those who managed to quickly make the right decision and delve into the rules of entry of Ukrainians to the Maldives have already received their paradise vacation! In the first two weeks of August, 150 Ukrainians bought and completed Maldivian tours. This is much more than in previous years. In 2020, Ukraine takes the honorable 7th place in visiting the paradise islands, ahead of Italy and Germany.

Aves Travel encourages you to follow the example of our “first swallows” and compatriots and choose your own tours to the Maldives, discounts for which remain high. You can choose from hotels, ship hotels, island resorts or bungalows.

Rules of entry to the Maldives
In order to completely eliminate any unpleasant emotions from the trip, we recommend that you study the information on the official websites of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives. Some requirements may change over time, so please stay current.

From September 3, the following rules apply:

Upon arrival in the Maldives, it is imperative to present a certificate with a negative result for Covid-19
The certificate must be made no earlier than 72 hours before arrival (3 days)
A medical declaration must be completed 24 hours before arrival

Tourists arriving at the airport must wear a mask

Documents for entry into the Maldives – passport, medical declaration and confirmation of hotel reservation

So you can safely select and order a tour to the Maldives from Kiev.

Paradise Islands await you and Aves Travel can help you organize the perfect trip to the heart of the Indian Ocean!

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Buy a tour to the Maldives with a discount
To be honest, the pandemic announced in the spring broke vacation plans for thousands of people. And it hit hard on the economy of tourist countries. By the end of…