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Where to go for the New Year?

If you are wondering where to fly for the New Year in order to unite the whole family and start 2021 with new impressions and emotions, then this article is for you.

We have compiled for you a list of places to fly to on New Year’s holidays to enjoy a fun holiday that does not know national borders!

During a pandemic, the most important thing is to know where you can fly on New Year’s, without worrying about quarantine restrictions and taking a Covid-19 test.

The tour operator Aves Travel offers you directions available for booking where to go abroad for the New Year, as well as insurance against coronavirus, covering any risks associated with force majeure.

Where to fly on New Year’s at sea?
If you do not know where to relax on the sea for the New Year, so that your vacation turns out to be economical, and at the same time with a comfortable and not hot climate, we suggest considering Egypt.

The Egyptian New Year and calendar are based on the solar cycle and form the basis of the modern Western calendar. Being here in the New Year, in every corner of the country you can feel the atmosphere of the holiday.

There are many options for a budget vacation. Choose your favorite, where you can go to rest on New Year’s in Egypt:

Take a cruise on the Nile;

Go diving in the Red Sea;

Visit the Pyramids of Giza;

Celebrate the New Year in an oriental way in the desert;

Celebrate the holiday in a luxury hotel with oriental dancing, fire show, singing fountains and other entertainment of your choice.

If you are looking for a more exclusive option where to relax on New Year’s at sea, then direct charters fly from Kiev directly to the Maldives – a paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean, an ideal place for a romantic getaway.

This amazing site is made up of 1,190 islands and sandbanks perched atop a gigantic underwater ridge. Each island is protected by a natural reef and lagoon with crystal clear waters and stunning underwater marine life.

The Maldives are accessible to everyone and it is a misconception that they are exclusively for an expensive honeymoon holiday.

Follow the link, and we will tell you where to go to relax on the New Year in the Maldives for you!

Lovers of the exotic, who do not know where to go to relax on the New Year, will definitely like the island of Zanzibar. Also called the Spice Island, this island in the Indian Ocean will add some spice to your holiday, because this is the homeland of Swahili, Freddie Mercury, famous spices and pirates are still found here!

Direct charter flights from Kiev fly here, but you can also combine your sea vacation with a stop in Istanbul or Dubai.

In addition to a comfortable New Year’s program at the hotel, there is an extensive list of places to go to relax on New Year’s in Zanzibar. For example, go on a real African safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania! Thus, you can combine beach holidays and an exciting journey to the best national park in the world, where you will see the great migration of animals with your own eyes.

This will be the best gift for your child if you are wondering where to go for the New Year with children at sea!

Dominican Republic
Have you ever wondered where to fly on New Years in the Caribbean? Definitely to the Dominican Republic. Luxurious five-star hotels, children’s animation, bright shows with DJs from fiery Ibiza, a carnival that is in no way inferior to the Brazilian one, all-inclusive service and azure warm sea.

This is another place where to fly on New Year’s with children, so that both you and them have fun.

Huge water parks, children’s workshops, helicopter flights over the mangrove jungle, snorkeling and diving in blue lagoons – a trip to America’s first city will impress you no less than The Godfather, the second part of which, by the way, was filmed in the Dominican Republic.

Aves Travel will help you choose the best themed hotel that suits your exacting requirements, and will organize an author’s tour if you want to dilute your all-inclusive vacation with exciting excursions.

Where to go on holiday for New Year 2021 in Mexico? We invite you to Cancun – the most romantic corner of Mexico, shrouded in the legends of the Mayan civilization and ancient pyramids.

Deciding where to relax on the New Year’s Eve on the Mexican Riviera Maya can seem daunting just because there is a huge selection of luxury hotels and New Year’s events, ideal for families, romantic and youth! If you cannot choose between Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, we invite you to discover all the ins and outs of each of the resorts.

Where to relax on New Year’s Eve abroad in order to combine several directions at once?
Especially for those who wish to travel to several countries at once in one trip, we have prepared author’s tours, each of which is combined with a beach vacation and a rich cultural program.

We have created three tours in Latin America, where you can get acquainted with the main attractions of each of the countries, such as:

Statue of Christ the Redeemer

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