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Cape Verde – an exotic getaway on the Cape Verde Islands

Do you want to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of primeval nature, but not sacrifice the usual comfort? – Plan your trip to Cape Verde! Holidays on these paradise islands off the west coast of Africa will be remembered for a long time with vivid emotions and impressions. The virgin beauty of nature, the unique underwater world, the bright local flavor and the excellent quality of service, which is quite consistent with the level of the best European hotels, are surprisingly intertwined here.

When is the best time to go to Cape Verde
The islands are popular with tourists all year round due to the comfortable air temperature and optimal conditions for the beach season. The water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean, which washes Cape Verde, does not drop below +21 ° С in the winter months and warms up to +26 ° С in August – October. The dry tropical climate is very well tolerated here thanks to the winds that blow on the islands constantly.

When planning a vacation here, it is worth considering several nuances:

the most favorable time for a trip if you are interested in exploring the underwater world is the period from April to November;

diving at other times is possible, but not everywhere, so there is a risk of missing a lot of interesting things;

in August, the rainy season begins in Cape Verde, which continues until the end of September.

An exotic trip to Cape Verde: what to see and do
Scenic landscapes
The main thing for which people go to Cape Verde is to take a break from civilization and enjoy the beauty of nature in solitude. The islands are of volcanic origin and this explains the peculiarities of the landscape: many craters, mountain ranges, canyons and rocks, as well as the famous black sand on the island of Fogo. By the way, there is also an active volcano with the same name.
Golden sand, the absence of jellyfish and a gentle entrance to the water will appeal to lovers of a calm and safe holiday, especially if it is a family trip with children. The local beaches amaze not only with their beauty, but also with incredible cleanliness, regardless of where they are located: on the territory of hotels or in a wild, uninhabited area.

The underwater world in Cape Verde is very interesting and varied, there are also many wrecks, grottoes, rocks and reefs that make diving even more fun. Therefore, the islands are deservedly considered a real paradise for diving enthusiasts: beginners and pros.

The Cape Verde Islands have a rich history, so there is something to see even the most experienced travelers. Particularly noteworthy is Sidadi Velha – a small village near the capital of the republic. It is the first European settlement on the islands, is protected by UNESCO as an ethnographic museum and is often called the “old town”. The main attraction is the Portuguese fortress of Saint Philip, decorated with ancient cannons raised from the seabed. But it is better to get acquainted with the local culture and traditions of the archipelago on the island of São Vicente, because it is here, in the city of Mindelo, that most of the national festivals and carnivals take place.

Holidays in Cape Verde will be remembered for a long time thanks to the developed infrastructure of entertainment, from windsurfing to the exciting descent from the active volcano Fogo. Also popular here are sea fishing and excursions to deserted islands.

Cape Verde is the benchmark for safe exotic travel. Here you will find a rich, bright and calm rest, and the way of life of local residents differs significantly from the traditions of continental Africa and is more reminiscent of a European one. Traveling to this country will certainly become one of the most memorable events of your life!

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