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Features of rest in Colombia

Colombia, as a tourist country, is still far from becoming a symbol of a fabulous South American vacation for Ukrainians. More recently, she had a reputation as a place where “it is better not to meddle.” But in recent years, the situation has changed. And those of our brave compatriots who decided to try a vacation in Colombia leave the most enthusiastic reviews.

This year has every chance of becoming a turning point in terms of the attractiveness of Colombia among Ukrainian tourists. Alas, not all countries have returned to a comfortable regime for visiting after the pandemic. Some require quarantine for visitors, others have closed the entrance altogether.

Colombia is a welcome exception. Purchasing a ticket to Colombia now does not even require a visa – it is enough to pre-register online on the website of the migration service. And, of course, you will need to take a PCR test, maximum five days before departure. But this procedure is already becoming standard for travelers.

Tour operator Aves Travrel is ready to help you organize a beach holiday in Colombia, a guided tour of the main cultural and natural attractions of this amazing and little-known country, include a visit to Colombia in a tour covering several neighboring Latin American countries. Just tell us what you expect from your trip and we will organize it in the best possible way!

Colombia Accommodation

After the country took a course to develop tourism, many hotels appeared here for every taste and budget.

There are coastal complexes similar to those seen around the world. With pools, courts, playgrounds, fitness centers, spas, restaurants, dance floors, rental equipment and uniforms for surfing, diving, spearfishing and many other resort services.

Quality business class in major cities designed for people traveling to Colombia on business. The service here is of a high enough level to satisfy the highest demands. The advantage of such hotels for tourists is that business guests usually fill the hotel during the working week, and go home by weekends. So during the weekend, discounts can be up to 50%. It is very attractive for those who come with excursion purposes. You just need to correctly calculate the arrival time.

Boutique hotels housed in historic colonial buildings with authentic interiors and courtyards. They will allow you to feel the atmosphere of a romantic, rich and rather carefree era of the Spanish settlers who settled in the new place.

Small, inexpensive but extremely welcoming and friendly family run hotels. These are usually bright, beautiful houses, the owners of which treat each guest literally as their personal guest and try to make his stay as pleasant as possible. There are especially many such hotels in the south-west of the country, on the shores of Lake La Cocha.

The best hotels in Colombia are part of the national COTELCO association. The latter uses the classification adopted in Europe, and carefully monitors that the level of service corresponds to the declared one. And also practices two seasonal tariffs: “European” and “American”.

Europeans prefer to travel here in summer (May to November), and US residents in winter (December to April). The American fare is higher, so if you decide, for example, to celebrate Christmas in Colombia or attend the El Jozelito carnival, which takes place before Lent, you will have to pay about a third more for accommodation.

Colombia beaches

From the north, the country is washed by the Caribbean Sea, from the west – by the Pacific Ocean. Accordingly, the beaches are also different. There are tourist hotels on both coasts.

Pacific beaches are aesthetically stunning. But we must remember that the currents here are quite strong, there are zones of turbulence and a very deep low tide – up to 40 meters of the seabed can be exposed.

Caribbean beaches are much quieter, and the low tide rarely reaches 4-5 meters. The best Colombia has to offer is the beaches on the small coastal islands of the Caribbean. They are considered to be the most beautiful and comfortable ones.

Aves Travel advises caution when using the “wild” beaches. To the danger of currents is added the risk of stepping on some thorny or poisonous living creatures – the tropics are all the same. So use special swimming shoes.

Colombia – rest and safety

Actually, the country at the moment is peaceful, friendly, safe for tourists. But it is still recommended to follow certain rules: do not carry large sums of money and expensive jewelry, avoid socially disadvantaged areas in cities, use only licensed taxis in the evening and at night. And do not accept food, drinks, cigarettes from strangers – they may contain drugs that street criminals use to lull and rob a victim.

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