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Rest in Thailand in quarantine

Thailand seems to have it all: vibrant nightlife and pristine island beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and lush underwater worlds, good-quality budget hotels and ancient temples. Well, where else can you idly soak up the beach in one day, interrupting for diving and Thai massage, and then ride an elephant in the wild jungle and go for a walk in the ancient city?

It is not at all surprising that this land is so fond of the Ukrainian tourist, and he certainly would not want to give up the trip due to quarantine restrictions. On this occasion, we have good news for you – since November 1, Thailand has opened for tourists, and it is quite comfortable to relax here in compliance with quarantine rules. Which ones, we will now tell you.

Phuket Sandbox program: what is it?
Phuket Sandbox is a travel program that allows vaccinated travelers to visit and relax in Thailand without requiring self-isolation. You need to fly to Phuket and spend the first 7 days (8 nights) here, after which you can travel throughout the country without obstacles.

Holidays in Thailand under quarantine: Phuket Sandbox program
Who can benefit from the Phuket Sandbox program?
All Ukrainian citizens who, no later than 14 days before departure, have completed a full course of vaccination with a vaccine approved by the Ministry of Health of Thailand or WHO. This is confirmed by a certificate (paper or digital), which must contain the following information:

Personal data: last name, first name, date of birth, citizenship, passport number.
Dates of administration of all doses, batch number (batch) and name of the vaccine.
A combination of different vaccines is allowed if the period established for the vaccine with which the 1st dose was given is observed between the 1st and 2nd doses.

How do I use the Phuket Sandbox program?
To do this, on the website, 7 days before departure, you need to submit an online application for a certificate of entry:

indicate the purpose of the trip depending on the type of visa or select “11 (exempt) – Mid-term visitor – Visa exemption”;
select the “Sandbox” program, and then “Phuket”;
upload a valid digital certificate of vaccination, insurance, airline tickets and SHABA certificate (SHA Plus hotel booking);
wait for the documents to be approved and get the ThailandPass registration code.
Is a digital certificate generated through DIA suitable?
The document received on the portal or in the appendix ДІЯ does not indicate the date of administration of the first dose of the vaccine (except for the single-dose Johnson and Johnson’s). Confirmation is required, which will indicate the date of administration of the 1st dose.

Holidays in Thailand under quarantine: Phuket Sandbox program
What are the rules for families with children?
Children under the age of 18 who enter Thailand with vaccinated adults are exempted from providing a certificate of vaccination.

Are there any other conditions?
A tourist must enter the country from areas of low / medium risk of infection with COVID-19 – today there are no restrictions for Ukrainians. The main thing is that you have been in countries with a low / medium risk of contracting COVID-19 for at least the past 21 days.

You also need:

provide a negative PCR test received no earlier than 72 hours before departure;
have medical insurance covering the cost of treating coronavirus infection with a minimum coverage of US $ 100,000;
stay at a hotel that is SHA + compliant for at least the first 8 nights (exception – if you have tickets for an earlier departure from Thailand).
After entering at different times, it will be necessary to undergo two more PCR tests (the rule applies to adults and children). You must first make an appointment and pay for testing on the website (receipts for payment will be needed to obtain a certificate of entry).

In general, nothing complicated, the main thing is not to miss anything. And if you are traveling with Aves Travel, you don’t have to worry about anything: we are aware of all the rules and will help you with all the necessary documents. And after that, we will carefully make sure that your vacation is perfect.

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