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Which camp to choose for a child?

Summer holidays are in full swing, the children managed to relax after a difficult school year, which means that it is time to take care of their useful leisure. If you have not yet had time to choose a good children’s camp for your child, contact Aves Travel. We will select options and offer a maximum of activities for recovery, opportunities for all-round development and, of course, useful communication to expand communication skills.

And so that you do not have to spend a lot of time searching, we at Aves Travel have compiled our own list of children’s camps in which your child can spend an unforgettable vacation.

Children’s camps in the Carpathians West Camp
“Become the best version of yourself”

In total, the West Camp camp has 4 programs of different directions for children of different ages:

West Camp Kids (8–12 years old, v. Vyzhenka) is a creative children’s camp with a focus on the development of creative abilities, as well as the practice of English and bright entertainment.
At West Camp Leader (v. Lucha), real leaders are educated through the development of strengths, master classes, work with hidden fears and active leisure. For children 13-18 years old.
The main feature of WestCamp ENG (p. Lucha) is that here the child not only practices English, but also learns to work in a team, set goals and achieve them, and gain public speaking skills. There are also interesting activities: yoga, rock climbing, etc. For children 13-18 years old.
WestCamp Profi (13–18 years old) is a program that helps teenagers decide on their future profession.
Discovery in Transcarpathia
Give your child a bright American-style vacation! The Discovery Kids Camp will have a lot of sports, games, speaking clubs with native English speakers, creative activities, shows, theme nights, excursions, swimming in modern pools, etc.

During the shift, the child himself chooses the studios in which he wants to study, and each shift has a specific theme, which is also presented in developing studios – from a sports camp to culinary skills. Therefore, even if you book two shifts at once, it will be as interesting and useful for the child as the first time.

Every day, parents are sent a photo report about how the day went.

You can book a shift and find out the details of the rest in this section.

Children’s camp “Chocolate” in Slavskoe
The camp is located in a picturesque corner of the Carpathians at an altitude of 500-600 m above sea level. It with. Slavskoe, where the Slavka river flows into the r. Support, and around – only pine trees, clean mountain air and fervent children’s laughter.

In “Chocolate” they offer all-round development of children, health promotion and just a pleasant and useful pastime on vacation. The morning begins with exercises, and during the day the guys are busy with different activities: games, contests, quests, are engaged in creative circles, play sports games.

You can find out more details and book a shift in the “Chocolate” children’s camp on this page.

Children’s camp by the sea “Chocolate”
For those parents who want to send their child to a children’s health camp on the seaside, Aves Travel offers an excellent option – “Chocolate” in the village. Sergeevka not far from Odessa.

Here children will find a variety of sports, cognitive, entertainment and educational events, games, quests, master classes, festivals and, of course, beach holidays. Children will shoot their own movies, compete, dance and just have fun with all their hearts.

The program includes excursions: Belgorod-Dnestrovskaya fortress and a boat trip. At the discretion of the parents, you can order additionally: training in sailing and horse riding, a trip to Odessa and to a pony farm, wakeboarding, katesurfing, etc.

You can learn more about rest in the “Chocolate” camp on the sea in this section of the Aves Travel website.

Star Time in Gribovka, Odessa region
Children’s camp “Star Time” is located on the Black Sea coast with its own coastline and sandy beach. The territory has everything you need for a bright and healthy children’s recreation – a concert venue, an inflatable water park, swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a cinema, educational studios, etc.

During their stay in the camp, professional teachers work with the children, and master classes are given by famous bloggers and show business stars.

For more information on Star Time shifts and camp features, see here.

“Brigantine” in Skadovsk
Another great option for a health camp by the sea. More than 3000 children spend their holidays here every year! Various leisure activities, useful physical activities, fresh sea air and no gadgets – all this helps schoolchildren to recuperate and have a good rest.

The camp has its own beach with a water park, a semi-Olympic pool. On the territory there is also a cinema, a discotheque area, gazebos, creative studios, sports grounds: 3 football fields with different surfaces, basketball, volleyball, handball courts, a rope park, a separate archery area.

In addition to entertainment and leisure, Brigantina is also a children’s health camp.

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