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What is team building?

You can extol the power of money and material values ​​as much as you like, but any reasonable leader understands that the main resource of a business is people, cadres, and employees.

In the absence of a well-coordinated work team capable of jointly solving problems, all hopes for prosperity turn into collapse. A well-coordinated team “does not grow on a tree” and even “cannot be inherited” when the owner or head of the enterprise changes. It takes constant effort to grow or maintain it.

So nowadays the term “team building” or “team building” – as you like it more – is heard by leaders of all ranks. And everyone strives to implement the idea of ​​team-building teambuilding in their own team. Moreover, there are many theoretical studies on this topic.

Team building – what is it basically?
Does everyone understand what “team building” means? In fact, the term speaks for itself – it is the formation of a constructive community of individuals. In theory, each of us has been doing something like this all our lives, building a system of friendly and family ties. But it is one thing to learn to interact harmoniously with those who are dear to you, close and pleasant, and another – with strangers.

The goal of team building is precisely to make sure that people who are forced to spend most of their lives with each other “due to duty” cease to be “outsiders”. We learned to understand, trust, use the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses of each in the course of joint activities.

As it happens in friendly families: everyone takes on the tasks that are given to him the easiest, and especially difficult and unpleasant ones are solved by joint efforts, with the greatest efficiency, without conflicts and “pulling the blanket over himself.”

Types of team building
Management theory identifies four main types of team building:

Team competition


Special intellectual games

Joint creativity

In practice, any corporate event can be classified as team building. If only because employees meet in an informal setting and inevitably learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Corporate team building is more than a simple “corporate party”!
On the one hand, everyone loves corporate events – this is a reason to go beyond the boundaries of everyday life. On the other hand, traditional gatherings with alcohol become boring, and often leave an unpleasant aftertaste for some of its participants. But a non-standard, creatively planned event is a completely different matter!

First, the process itself evokes more positive emotions. Second, adults get as much psychological benefit from play as children. And finally, recalling the past corporate team building, people will talk about the experiences they have experienced, and not about the awkward situation this or that “overdone” employee got into. This is much more useful for the psychological climate in the team!

Naturally, it is difficult to plan and hold a non-standard event on your own. Not every team has an “activist” capable of taking on the development and implementation of an idea. But this is not necessary. There are many ready-made offers from tour operators and event agencies – just choose!

Teambuilding – what is it like in Aves Travel?
We have, without exaggeration, tremendous experience in organizing non-standard recreation. And we know for sure from experience how much different “just a tourist trip” from “interesting and unforgettable”.

A bright and useful corporate team building can be carried out without even leaving Kiev, or at least not far away from it. Culinary master class. Karting track. Cycling quest for groups. Team building quest in the style of “Prison Break”. Aves Travel is in constant creative search, offering more and more new ideas to its clients. By the way, the budget for such events may be even less than that of a regular “restaurant corporate party”.

And if the funds allow, you can make, for example, a joint hiking trip in the Carpathians. What is not “survival”, especially considering that additional team building games will be organized in the process!

Read more about our offers and choose what your team will like the most! Aves Travel is ready to discuss programs, schedules, prices, convenient time. We are waiting for you!

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