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TOP 7 interesting thermal pools in Ukraine

How to book hotels with thermal springs so as not to be disappointed?

Ever since the time of the Roman Empire, the spa has been a favorite pastime of the aristocracy, thanks to the miraculous properties of mineral water, which helps to cure many diseases.

However, not everyone knows that Ukraine is famous for its SPA-resorts, with unique thermal springs, where people come for treatment even from European resorts.

Hotels in Transcarpathia, located in Kosino, Beregovo and Velyatino, are famous for their thermal pools, because water for them is extracted at a depth of 1 km!

You can book a hotel with thermal pools all year round, as the water in them heats up to a temperature of 36-38 degrees, which allows you to swim even in sub-zero weather.

Aves Travel tour operator offers you a list of places with thermal waters and the best hotels in all of Ukraine.


Hotel Kosino “Iváncsó Birtok”
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According to numerous Ukrainian ratings, and reviews of compatriots and citizens of other countries, left on TripAdvisor, this is the best thermal hotel in Transcarpathia.

Here is the largest thermal fountain pool in the world, 16 m high, represented as a golden crane soaring in the sky!

You can swim in the jacuzzi with wine, beer or coffee, and not for a second doubt the reality of what is happening, because not only the color of the water, but also the smell will correspond to your favorite drink, with one exception – each pool is enriched with mineral waters coming directly from bowels of the earth.

Moreover, having booked your stay at the hotel, you automatically get unlimited access to all pools and steam rooms, buffet meals are included, as well as other pleasant bonuses in the form of a fruit basket and a bottle of wine in your room.

Tourists of the tour operator Aves Travel especially liked the developed children’s infrastructure of the hotel, and luxurious two-story rooms for couples and families in love.

Sanatorium complex “Derenivskaya Kupel”
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The complex offers a luxurious wellness holiday in the best traditions of European resorts. It was built on the site of a spring with medicinal silicon-boric water, found in the 16th century.

The sanatorium specializes in weight loss procedures, and includes an individual complex of nutrition and treatment.

In addition to walking around the spacious territory of the complex and bathing in mineral waters that have no analogues in Ukraine, here you can practice equestrian sports, tennis, mini-golf, billiards, and many other aristocratic entertainments.

Complex “Warm Waters Velyatino”
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This complex is a calm and secluded place for a health-improving family vacation.

The water in the thermal pools is rich in iodine and iron, which has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system.

In addition to water procedures, you can actively spend time here. In winter, a ski resort is open, and in summer it is a great hotel for traveling around Transcarpathia.

Rest here can be combined with treatment at the Shayan balneological resort.

Hotel-ranch “Golden Mountain”
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In a 30-minute walk from Uzhgorod, the westernmost point of Ukraine, which is called the “window to Europe”, there is a health resort with its own horse stables.

The water in the thermal pools here is identical in composition to the spa resorts in France, Germany and the Czech Republic, and is recommended for diseases of the digestive and genitourinary systems.

The resort can only be used when booking accommodation. Swimming pools are free for all guests.

The tour operator Aves Travel recommends staying at this hotel if you want not only to undergo a course of medical procedures, but also to spend your leisure time culturally.

Health-improving complex “Lark”
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Located in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains, near the town of Beregovo, the complex will allow you to engage in medical procedures, and at the same time not lose touch with civilization.

In addition to outdoor pools, there is the best indoor thermal water pool in all of Ukraine.

Water procedures will be especially useful for harmonizing the nervous system, pressure, as well as for diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The complex is very popular among the clients of Aves Travel who choose a corporate vacation. All hotel guests can use the conference room, and conduct trainings and master classes completely free of charge.

Sanatorium “Thermal Star”
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It is possible to find a thermal aqua hotel to swim daily in medicinal mineral waters in the middle of the mountains, go on interesting excursions around Transcarpathia, and even live in your own cottage, according to the highest European standards, on the territory of Ukraine!

The thermal complex is conveniently located in a picturesque place between Mukachevo and Uzhgorod, and offers its guests excellent living conditions both in luxury rooms and in wooden cottages for families and large companies.

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