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Stunning America: ski holidays in the USA

The country, discovered many centuries ago by Columbus, never ceases to inspire and amaze. Brand new experiences – steep ski resorts with stunning views, great weather, luxury hotels, high-speed lifts, heated trails and entire hotel townships. All of this is America.

In the category of ski tourism, the USA is a fairly new destination for Ukrainians. And since European resorts remain closed this winter, it’s time to try new things and relax in an American hotel with the highest level of service and ski on the third highest ski slope in the world.

Features of ski holidays in the USA
There are resorts for all tastes and budgets, from the very high end to the more budgetary ones for America.

Good snow throughout the season as the main ski areas are located at an altitude of about 2500-3000 m.

Lifts up to a height of about 3900 m.

Here is the third highest ski area in the world – at an altitude of 3963 m (after the Gulmarg in India – 3980 m, and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in China – 4700 m).

The mountain slopes are covered with forests up to an altitude of 3000–3300 m.

Vertical drop from 619 to 3700 m.

There is no concept of “track length” here – there is only “ski area” and “number of tracks”.

The complexity of the tracks and trajectories can be chosen to your taste.

Excellent organization and modern technology, so there are no queues for the lifts.

Ski battler service.

The skiing season is from late November to mid-April, although in most resorts the snow is already in October.

Dry and comfortable air, pleasant temperature without extreme cold (in winter about -5 ° С, in March – April – 0 ° С).

The snow is dry and not sticky.

There are all conditions for recreation not only for skiers, but also for fans of flat skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering.

Luxury resorts and tranquil family ski resorts.

Features in connection with COVID-19
There is no 14-day quarantine, but conditions vary from state to state. In most states, the test is not required – only for Hawaii (PCR 72 hours before arrival, done in the USA). This information is subject to change, and at Aves Travel we closely follow all updates so that you can not think about anything, and we organize your trip at the highest level.

Overview of the most interesting ski resorts in the USA
We will tell you about two of the most interesting and famous resorts in Colorado, which are the most convenient to get to in the 2020/21 season, when there is no way to connect at European airports. We will fly here by Turkish airlines with a connection in Istanbul.

Aspen and Snowmass
Aspen and the nearby town of Snowmass is one of the most famous and fashionable resorts in the States. It combines 4 ski areas with 200 slopes, an impeccably planned lift system, a single ski pass and a free shuttle bus.

Mount Aspen is located in Aspen itself and is distinguished by interesting, rather difficult slopes. The only area in the States without green trails.

Aspen Highlands – these are tracks of various levels, but the most difficult among them. Here you can find routes for off-piste skiing.

Snowmass is the perfect place for a family vacation 20 minutes by ski bass from Aspen. Most of the tracks are of the middle level.

Buttermilk is a ski area for beginners with calm and wide slopes, where adults and children can ride. There are children’s centers where even a child 2-3-4 years old can be put on skis. There is a training park for extreme halfpipe and recreational opportunities for snowboarders.

How to get there: a few kilometers from the city is the local airport Aspen Pitkin County Airport. You can fly to it with two connections. And then – no problem to your location in Aspen or Snowmass on a free shuttle.

Where to stay

In Aspen itself, you can stay in the only hotel at the foot of the mountain (ski in / ski out) or in hotels in the town, located 10-15 minutes walk from the ski lifts.

The Little Nell 5 * is the most prestigious property in the resort, located at the foot of Mount Aspen. You can rent a standard in a 4-storey building or one of the residences. One of the best restaurants in Colorado, Element 47 is located on site. And like any high-end hotel, The Little Nell has a ski concierge service that takes care of your comfort – they will take your skis to any mountain you want to ski. …

Limelight Hotel 4 * is located within walking distance from the Silver Queen lift. A small boutique hotel with an outdoor heated pool and four stars, but according to reviews – a solid five. Compared to Little Nell, it will be a more budget option. On the territory there is Limelight Lounge – a restaurant where you can have a delicious meal after skiing and listen to musicians’ performances on weekends. Rooms have a kitchenette (refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker) or a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area.

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Stunning America: ski holidays in the USA
The country, discovered many centuries ago by Columbus, never ceases to inspire and amaze. Brand new experiences - steep ski resorts with stunning views, great weather, luxury hotels, high-speed lifts,…