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Corporate vacation with Aves Travel

We spend the third part of the day at work – almost as much as we sleep (and this is at best!). Therefore, it is not at all surprising that even inspiring work can turn into boring everyday life over time. Corporate recreation and team building will help to raise the professional spirit – experienced managers have long known about their effectiveness. How about away teambuilding and a quality weekend for your team? We will talk about this in the blog of the tour operator Aves Travel.

Spoiler alert: with us you have almost endless possibilities for organizing corporate tours. Our clients do not fly except to Mars, but this is only for now;)

He who works well rests well.
In our country, corporate culture was born earlier than many people think – in the 80s, when it became customary to celebrate the New Year and other dates not only in the family circle, but also at work.

And even then it was clear that informal events help to improve the results of joint work. Why is this happening:

team spirit is strengthened;
informal communication in an informal setting helps employees to show themselves from a new side;
removes psychological stress;
possible conflict situations are resolved.
Plus, employees are charged with energy and new strength for further productive work. And it works much more efficiently than a simple cash incentive in the form of a bonus.

What time and place to choose
It is not difficult to find the right moment: it can be either an official date, for example, a new year, or a company’s birthday or a professional holiday: the day of a trade worker, a doctor, an accountant.

It is advisable to spend corporate holidays outside the walls of the office. Firstly, the most responsible workers can finish the work, and secondly, there is a risk of informal associations with the workspace, which in the long term can prevent a serious attitude to work.

Destinations for corporate recreation in Ukraine
An excellent opportunity for employees to show themselves in team interaction is the ascent of Hoverla, which can be done just on the weekend (plus another day to spend on the road). The tour program is made according to the wishes of your team: you can choose the complexity of the route, the duration of the ascent, the conditions for spending the night (in hiking conditions or in a comfortable hotel).

But, of course, not Hoverla alone. If you have already conquered this peak or just want to hold a corporate party in another place, you can arrange a hike to the mountains: a 1-, 2- or 3-day route to the peaks of Khomyak, Petros, Gorgan, Kukul, etc.

Joint sightseeing vacation? Consider a corporate trip to Synevyr. In such a tour there will be as many interesting things and beautiful landscapes, but a little less extreme. A comfortable bus will bring you from Kiev and back to the capital, and the travel program includes gastronomic, ethnographic and natural attractions:

the picturesque Shypot waterfall, located just 300 meters from your hotel;
Volovetsky pass;
mineral springs;
trout farm;
rehabilitation center for brown bears;
cheese dairy;
sika deer farm.
Another interesting direction for a weekend corporate party is team building games. How do you like the idea to conduct a unique quest right in the Chernobyl zone? It can be combined with an excursion and arrive in Pripyat by boat along the Dnieper and Pripyat rivers. Or go on a bike quest to the Muromets Park – one of the most budgetary, but no less interesting options.

Another idea is a thematic quest in which several hundred people participate at the same time. Rent the entire site with an area of ​​1.5 thousand sq. m. is not at all necessary – you can join other teams. Possible themes include the Shawshank Redemption, Sherlock Holmes, the Wild West, Star Parties and many others.

Regardless of the chosen destination, the tour operator Aves Travel will organize your corporate turnkey, and our experienced staff will make sure that everything goes perfectly – as planned.

Where can you organize a corporate party abroad
Egypt with stunning Red Sea beauty, interesting quest-style excursions, yacht trips and budget prices: even the most luxurious accommodation options are cheaper than Paris or New York. Everyone’s favorite Turkey with excellent service and all kinds of entertainment. In just one weekend in this country, you can go skiing, sunbathe on the beach, and fly in a hot air balloon. Original Macedonia with unique Balkan nature and traditions. Unlike the rest of Europe, tourism here (mostly ecological) is just developing, so the Macedonians offer reasonable prices and excellent service.

And also – hospitable and tasty food-smelling Georgia, incredibly green and hilly Scotland, Peru and Mexico with their unique energy … The world is limitless, and you can go anywhere in the world in a fun and reliable company together with the tour operator Aves Travel!

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