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Rafting spots in Ukraine

What is rafting?
The very concept of “rafting” refers to both an active form of recreation and an extreme sport, where participants overcome the rough mountain waters together on an inflatable boat called a raft. Rafting is a test of oneself on the speed of reaction in an extreme situation, and on the skills of interaction with the team. Indeed, in a matter of seconds, it is necessary to make the only correct decision.

Who is rafting for?
It is a huge delusion to think that rafting tours are intended only for desperate extreme lovers and madmen with the rudiments of kamikaze. This active water tourism will appeal to both beginners and experienced tourists, both children and adults. The main condition is the desire to feel like a part of the wild. You will conquer the indomitable waves of the stormy river in life jackets and helmets. You will also need physical energy and a collective spirit, and an experienced instructor will help with everything else. That is why rafting is so loved by tourists all over the world – in addition to splashing adrenaline into the blood, followed by a rush of pleasure and positive, this is a chance to achieve successful interaction between the participants of the rafting.

Features of rafting on different rivers
Depending on the level of training and the tourist purpose, rafting tours are classified according to the level of difficulty. There are 6 such levels in total, 4 of which are represented in Ukraine. l Aves Travetour operator will help you choose the most suitable type of rafting, whether you are a parent with children who do not have specialized equipment and training, or a professional athlete.
Rafting for beginners

For beginners, the most important thing is the most comfortable conditions for rafting. In this case, routes of 1, 2, or 3 categories of difficulty are suitable for you, slightly differing from each other in the difficulty of overcoming obstacles.

Asking the question of where to go for rafting in Ukraine for a beginner, the tour operator Aves Travel offers to choose a calm rafting tour, complemented by an excursion program:
Rafting on the Dniester River is the second longest river in Ukraine after the Dnieper. Perfect for a quiet and long rest from 2 to 7 days.
During the trip, you can enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls, swim in the calm waters of the Dniester, and go out on land to look into the caves and grottoes with traces of human presence, admire the architectural monuments of the 16th century.
You will certainly be inspired by the rich natural heritage of the area, because the Dniester Canyon is one of the 7 wonders of Ukraine: steep rocky and forested shores up to 200 m high, unique travertine rocks and geological exfoliation – the amazing beauty of this land is difficult to describe in words!

Rafting on the Sluch River is an ideal weekend rafting tour, which is distinguished by its leisurely pace and the minimum number of low rapids. It is considered one of the most picturesque rafting in Ukraine, because the Nadsluchansky regional park, which you will sail, is also called the “Nadsluchansky Switzerland”.

The route passes the state reserve “Marinino-Ust’ensky granites” and the rocky hills “Falcon Mountains”. During a relaxing journey along the river, you can enjoy the beauty of medieval architecture and magnificent “Swiss” landscapes, as well as relax in a bathhouse on the river bank.
Rafting on the Southern Bug is an ideal alternative for a beginner who wants something more extreme.

The length of the section from Pervomaisk to Aleksandrovka is 40 km, during which you will rapidly rush through the waters of the mountain river, like the Zaporozhye Cossacks did many centuries ago.

You can visit the national park “Bugskiy Gard” with picturesque wildlife and visit the sacred center of Ancient Scythia. Indeed, according to the great historian Herodotus, it was here that the ancient state borders of Zaporozhye, Turkey and Poland converged. This is the famous Migeya – a paradise for those who like camping.
You don’t have to be a professional to go on a rafting tour. There is enough desire and, of course, good physical fitness, because you will need to work a lot with your hands!
Weekend rafting tour is an excellent opportunity for active families to reach mutual understanding with teenagers, relax together, get to know Ukraine and the richness of its nature, spend time interestingly and cheerfully.
Rafting will be very useful for a company of friends, because you can observe human behavior in an unusual environment, prove yourself, strengthen friendly relations through the joint contemplation of the beauty of nature and overcoming difficulties, and simply get emotions and memories for a lifetime.
If you haven’t found like-minded people, rafting is a great chance to make new friends and get to know yourself better.
If you are looking for a corporate vacation, rafting team building is the best possible alternative.
Just imagine, in order to pass the raging rapids of Migeya or Cheremosh you need a close-knit teamwork, which just trains during the passage of obstacles. Moreover, such an active extreme rest allows

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