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Holidays on the island of Zanzibar
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Hotel with giraffes Giraffe Manor

Even if you have never heard the term “boutique hotel”, the phenomenon itself is no doubt familiar to you! Provided, of course, that your travel experience goes beyond group bus tours or a weeklong beach getaway. There are many hotels in Ukraine built within the framework of this concept.

The essence of the concept is to turn the hotel into an independent tourist location. That is, to make an overnight stay / stay in them an adventure worthy of an unforgettable experience.

Unusual style, unique design of each room, special chamber atmosphere, personality-oriented approach of the staff. And most importantly – a set of services that go beyond the “ordinary”. For example, for breakfast you may be offered a glass of your own milked fresh milk (perhaps even from exotic animals) or, on the contrary, you can serve breakfast literally “in the royal chambers”, with appropriate service.

We want to open for you a unique hotel in Nairobi with giraffes.

Hotel in Africa with giraffes – history of origin
Even the very history of the appearance of Giraffe Manor is interesting! Rich Briton David Duncan bought a piece of land in Kenya before World War II and built a Scottish-style hunting lodge there. After another 40 years, already almost completely unusable, the building with the site was acquired by the Leslie-Melvis spouses.

And soon they learned that the Rothschild giraffe, living in these places, is threatened with complete extinction due to developing economic activities. They created a fund to save these animals, expanded the area and made their estate a nursery where giraffes are bred and released into the wild.

Gradually, the mansion was restored and turned into a unique hotel, where guests can feed the giraffes right from their bedroom windows and even have breakfast with them! Naturally, the Kenyan hotel with giraffes soon became known all over the world, and Europeans who come to Africa seek to get closer to the peaceful, graceful animals in their natural environment. All proceeds from the hotel go to the Giraffe Rescue Fund.

Hotel with giraffes – the cost and features of living in a unique location
The Scottish hunting lodge (ivy-covered brick walls, peaked roof, multi-piece windows), organically inscribed in the African landscape, is an unforgettable sight in itself! Today it has 12 rooms. Each has its own name and unique interior. You can communicate with giraffes on the territory or right through the windows – guests are given bags with special food, and sociable giraffes pull their necks through the window frames, hoping for a treat.

Naturally, prices for a hotel with giraffes cannot be “budget”. But still they are not exorbitant, given that the price includes transfer, food, drinks (including alcoholic ones), guided tours of the nursery – reserve, where, in addition to giraffes, you can meet warthogs, hyenas, antelopes and many beautiful and unusual african birds

Superior room for a couple will cost from $ 1,750 per night

A room of the same class for a family with two children – from $ 3,000 per day

The indicated price of Giraffe Manor is valid until the end of 2020.

Rooms, you can see, are few – this is a cozy, intimate boutique hotel, not a huge hotel complex. Therefore, those who want to have breakfast with giraffes at Giraffe Manor are advised to book their seats at least six months in advance. This cannot be done “on the fly”.

Since flights to South Africa from Kiev are not cheap, it makes no sense to fly there for a day or two. Aves Travel can design a customized tour for you for the desired number of days, including not only a hotel with giraffes, but also many other interesting events of your choice.

Programs that we have organized for our clients:

Celebrating the New Year at the top of Kilimanjaro

Helicopter ride over Cape Town

Swimming with great white sharks (in a cage)

Exciting safari in Tanzania

Beach holidays in Zanzibar and Seychelles

Trip to the Cape of Good Hope

And many many others

We are experienced organizers of tours to African countries and we know what to offer the client to make the trip unforgettable for him!

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