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Hotels in Egypt. Recommendations from Aves Travel

Before you go on vacation to Egypt, to a magical land filled with myths, legends and mysticism, to see with your own eyes a real miracle of engineering – the pyramid of Giza, and to admire the wonders of the ancient Gods of Egypt, we invite you to learn about the best resorts in the capital of the pyramids.

Once on the Red Sea, most tourists buy tours to Egypt to go to Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada, and spend a week surrounded by colorful seascapes and golden beaches. But how do you choose between these two luxury resorts? After all, they both offer entertainment for all tastes, have an excellent tourist infrastructure, and an excellent value for money. Let’s figure it out!

Hurghada is the most promoted and budget resort of the Red Sea, a former fishing village, which has turned into an ideal place for families with children, thanks to the smooth sandy entrance to the sea, and wonderful water parks. The resort provides a huge selection of water sports such as diving and windsurfing.

When you vacation in Hurghada, you will find that the attractions here go far beyond the magnificent white sand beaches and luxury hotels. It is worth buying a trip to Egypt just to see the clear waters of eastern Egypt with beautiful coral reefs and exotic marine life. Better yet, try snorkeling, kitesurfing, yachting, diving, glass-bottom boat sailing, or diving in a submarine here! Stingrays, eels, turtles and even dolphins will become your companions here.

A trip to Egypt in Hurghada is a great opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the past with traditional restaurants, a large market and Bedouin culture. If you are a lover of cultural attractions, then you will definitely like the ancient Coptic monasteries: the monastery of St. Anthony with paintings from the 13th century and the monastery of St. Paul with an underground church.

In the very center of Hurghada there is the Central Mosque, and if you go a little further, you will find yourself in the Karnak Temple. If you like evening entertainment, then you will definitely love the Singing Fountains with colorful overflow of water splashes to the sounds of classical music.

A tour to Egypt is impossible to imagine without touching the Arab culture. The Thousand and One Nights Palace hosts magnificent show programs, where you will feel like overseas guests of the Sultan.

Tours to Egypt in Sharm el-Sheikh are not less popular. The resort boasts the widest selection of fun, exciting and even crazy water and extreme sports: in addition to diving, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, you can even try skydiving or skydiving from a helicopter. Alternatively, from Sharm el Sheikh you can book a safari trip to the nearby Sinai Desert, and discover the amazing Monastery of St. Catherine and the majestic Sinai Mountains.

If you would like to buy a tour to Egypt along with a trip to the ancient city in the rocks, Petra, then from Sharm el-Sheikh you will get here much faster than from Hurghada. Early booking of the excursion program allows you to reduce the prices for tours to Egypt for tourists due to favorable quotas, the number of which is always limited. Here you can even see snow in the desert, and one of the most beautiful places in the world is the Wadi Rum desert with red sand and the unique flavor of Bedouin life.

Sharm el Sheikh was purpose-built as a tourist resort and is where most of the nightlife is concentrated, while Hurghada is built around a fishing village and has many different districts offering a rich cultural program.

The best hotels in Egypt according to the tour operator Aves Travel
Steigenberger Alcazar 5 * is a new luxury hotel in the resort of Sharm El Sheikh, which offers first-class service to its tourists. Its rooms are distinguished by their particular refinement and size. Within 15 minutes from the airport, you will find yourself in a magnificent oriental oasis with a private 30 m2 beach and one of the best seaside in the area. Here you will feel a real secluded vacation and the best world service, in other words, “Paradise on the land of Egypt.”

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Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort 5 * is another luxurious seaside hotel, which is distinguished by its green territory and active children’s animation. This hotel is perfect for families with children, thanks to the well-developed children’s infrastructure. You will definitely enjoy the mesmerizing view of Tiran Island, which you can contemplate from the white sandy beach while relaxing under the tent.

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Jaz Fanara Resort & Residence 4 * is located next to the national nature reserve Ras Mohammed. If you are looking for economical trips to Egypt and dream of a quality vacation, then this hotel will be an excellent choice. It is suitable both for families with children and for a romantic getaway.

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