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Where to relax in Europe in winter

The healing properties of natural mineral waters – especially hot springs – have long been known to people. A kind of “thermal tours” were performed by Roman soldiers to rest after battles and to heal wounds. And for a modern person, who in a matter of hours can overcome distances of several thousand kilometers, it is even easier to use all the natural benefits of the Earth. You don’t need to plan a multi-month trip to do this – even a weekend tour to the thermal springs is quite common.

The best time to buy a ticket to the thermal springs is in winter. Firstly, in the summer there will be other locations for interesting and enjoyable travel. Secondly, in the cold season it is especially pleasant to take hot baths and spa treatments. Especially if at the same time you can admire the snow-covered landscapes around. This opportunity is provided by many thermal spas with outdoor pools and hot tubs.

Aves Travel has prepared for you a selection of the most attractive thermal resorts in Europe, which have already begun to receive tourists after the quarantine. A trip to the thermal springs of Europe is also good because you don’t have to fly far – the journey will take no more than four hours.

Tours to the hot springs of Croatia
Croatia is one of the oldest European health resorts. The first mentions of Croatian “smelling spa” – hydrogen sulfide springs – date back to the times of the Roman Empire. Today this area is famous for its sanatoriums, resorts, health centers. All of them are located in the mountainous part of the country, not far from Zagreb. In just half an hour’s drive, you can reach many interesting cultural monuments. And, of course, it would be a pleasure to walk around the capital of Croatia.

Tuchelske Toplice. In a beautiful alpine valley covered with forests, there is the very “smelling” health resort of the Romans. Water saturated with hydrogen sulfide is heated underground by dormant volcanoes and comes to the surface with a temperature of 32.5 °. Swimming in this wonderful, and even healing “soda” is a sheer pleasure! BOOK NOW

Krapinske Toplice. This is one of the oldest thermal spas in Europe. The first open-air font was built here in 1772. The beneficial properties of mineral waters are complemented by the purest air. The resort is located at an altitude of 160 m above sea level. BOOK NOW

Stubicka Toplice. Magnificent atmospheric place in Croatian Zagorje. The resort is surrounded by natural parks and picturesque villages, which are justly proud of their wine cellars. Here you can not only improve your health, but also enjoy high-class “green tourism”. BOOK NOW

Aves Travel offers to book rooms in proven tourist hotels: Matija Gubec 3 *, Terme Tuhelj Hotel Well 4 *, Terme Jezercica 3 *, Wellness Hotel Villa Magdalena 4 * or any other hotel of your choice.

Tours to thermal springs in Bulgaria
The culture of hydrotherapy was also brought to Bulgaria by the Romans. They were the first to build hot spring baths. During the Turkish rule the tradition was continued by the Turks, and then the Bulgarians themselves took matters into their own hands.

Banya village. One of the most interesting Bulgarian balneological resorts is located here. Firstly, there are two completely restored historical baths in the village. One of them is Roman, the second is Turkish. Secondly, the ski resort of Bansko is located just a few kilometers away. Thirdly, the Pirin National Park on the mountain of the same name, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is also very close.

And of course – magnificent mineral waters and spa treatments. We recommend booking Thermal SPA Hotel Roman Bath 4 *. Our regular customers have rested here many times and were very satisfied. BOOK NOW

Dobrinishte. Also a great place for a spa holiday near Bansko. The Ruskovets Thermal SPA & Ski Resort 4 * hotel has all the conditions for comfortable rest and health improvement. It is possible to book apartments or family villas. The views from their windows are simply fantastic! BOOK NOW

Tour to the hot springs of Turkey
There are modern thermal hydropathic centers even in Turkey. Recently, a unique tourist complex was built here in Afion, based on radon sources. It is called the Aphrodite Thermal Rehabilitation and Beauty Center. The hotel complex consists of different zones – for those who came just to relax and for those who are interested in spa treatment. In most of the rooms, mineral water is piped directly into the bathroom! BOOK NOW

Tours to the Carpathians thermal springs
In fact, Ukrainians don’t even need to travel far to enjoy a high-quality thermal vacation. We have good balneological resorts at home – in the Carpathians and especially in Transcarpathia.

“Thermal waters of Kosino” is a unique resort. Such a rich composition of mineral waters is not found anywhere else in Europe. Analogs are found only in Kamchatka, Iceland and New Zealand. It is far and very expensive to go there.

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