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New Year in the USA – excursions, parties, entertainment

America is incredibly diverse, and just like any of your travels to this country, celebrating the New Year here will always be special. Lavishly decorated shop windows on Fifth Avenue, and the main Christmas tree in New York, and the best ski resorts, and the always vibrant Las Vegas, and, of course, the golden beaches of Miami Beach create an extraordinary atmosphere. And also – Hawaii, bohemian Los Angeles, and almost everywhere enchanting shows and beautiful fireworks.

Whether you want to enjoy a sumptuous festive dinner at a five-star hotel, watch the fireworks, or just walk around and listen to street music performances, this New Year in the United States will forever be remembered.

Who is the New Year’s Tour to America suitable for?
This amazing country breaks any stereotypes, and everyone discovers his own America, and she, in turn, generously endows everyone with what one can only dream of. There will always be interesting entertainment for adults and children of all ages.

Shoppers will be able to fill their suitcases with pleasant purchases from American sales, while nature tourism fans will admire the incredible beauty and diversity of nature. Those interested in history spend time on excursions to the many local attractions, and high art lovers gather in galleries in Washington and New York. And families with children of all ages find a lot of amazing entertainment: parks, attractions, Disney Land, space, cinema and play laboratories.

How do you want to make your New Year’s Eve in America? Tell us about your wishes – and Aves Travel will organize a tour for you for the New Year in the USA, taking into account all, even the smallest details. You just have to pack your bags and enjoy your journey through the land of endless possibilities.

New Year in America in Miami
Many tourists who want to celebrate the New Year in America choose tours to Miami – to the gentle sun and white sand beaches, which are washed by the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and of course, millions of entertainment options.

The weather here in late December – early January is very pleasant. Although this is the coldest period and swimming is already uncomfortable, the air temperature is usually +20 … + 23 degrees, so you are unlikely to need outerwear. There is practically no rain during these months and the sun shines almost every day.

Right on New Year’s Eve, you can go on a sailing trip on a yacht, or choose a luxurious themed restaurant, or go to one of the many clubs that host parties of varying degrees of splendor. Or you can spend a holiday in a first-class hotel at a pool party with the best US DJs. In any case, this New Year in America will remain in your memory for a long time as a bright and enchanting event.

Usually, all the mass fun in Miami is concentrated on Miami Beach – the beach strip and the street along it (Collins Avenue), stretching for tens of kilometers. All this is turned into a single pedestrian zone, drinks, food, cute New Year’s trinkets are sold everywhere, music is heard everywhere.

Near the central Christmas tree on Ocean Drive exactly at midnight, fireworks and an open-air party awaits everyone, where world stars also perform. Another place of concentration of fun is Bayfront Park, too, with parties, fireworks and slightly lower prices.

Why is it worth buying tours for the New Year in the USA in advance?
Due to the fact that during a pandemic the number of countries open for recreation is limited, the best offers are sorted out very quickly. Especially tours to America for the New Year, tk. residents of Canada often move here for the winter (usually in Miami). Plus people from all over the world are booking tickets and hotels for the holiday period. Therefore, it is better to do all this in advance in order to choose the best option for housing and air tickets. Aves Travel will take into account any of your wishes regarding connections, desired airlines, departure / arrival times and other details that make up your comfort.

In addition, early booking helps to save money because the period of winter holidays is usually a high season, and a tangible part of the cost of a tour to America for the New Year is the flight. And when we prepare the tour in advance, we can buy tickets at a lower price than on the eve of the holidays.

Why is a New Year’s tour worth choosing individually?
As with other holiday seasons, tours are usually more expensive in America on New Year’s Eve than at other times. Therefore, of course, it must match your expectations perfectly.

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