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Turkey 2021: Features of Early Booking Tours

Many people love last-minute tours: to book tickets for cheap, a hotel and almost immediately fly to warm regions to bask in the southern sun. But in practice, in order to quickly get ready for vacation, you need to have a flexible schedule and be a little adventurous. Therefore, such vouchers are not suitable for everyone.

Another way to save money is to book early. This approach allows you to plan your schedule, budget in advance and follow this plan calmly. And since a pleasant expectation of a vacation often brings no less joy than a vacation itself, Aves Travel decided to collect for you the most attractive offers from tour operators for early booking in Turkey 2021. This direction is traditionally one of the most popular, and how to buy a ticket at a profit to Turkey for early booking, we will tell you right now.

What is early booking?
Early booking is a joint offer from the tour operator, airline and hotel. It consists in reducing the prices for tours booked in advance. The cost of such a vacation is not higher than last-minute tours, but the choice of time for flights, hotel and other components of a comfortable vacation is much greater.

What are the benefits of early booking in Turkey
Allows you to save in price (but not in quality!) From 30% to 50% of the cost of the tour.

Affordable selection of hotels and flights. After all, everyone knows that vouchers to good hotels are always bought up first. Moreover, in many countries (for example, in Europe), most of the tours are sold under an early booking promotion – it is they who make out all the best.

Calm, measured planning and the pleasure of anticipating a future vacation.

How to save on holidays in Turkey with early booking
The promotion is launched in several stages, so the earlier you plan your vacation, the more you save. The conditions of the promotion themselves differ from operator to operator, but they are all very favorable.

Depending on what kind of vacation you prefer, Aves Travel will help you choose an early booking tour to Turkey and tell you about all the details of savings and more.

Conditions of the promotion “Early booking Turkey 2021” for tourists from Ukraine
It is better to book spring and summer vacations already in winter, and on very favorable terms:

Payment in installments

The first stage of payment – from UAH 1000 to 30% of the tour cost – is paid within 2 days from the moment of booking confirmation.

The second part – 30-50% of the price – 30 days before departure.

The third payment – 100% payment – 14 days before arrival at the hotel.

Privileges from tour operators

For example, ANEX TOUR provides free ANTI-COVID insurance when buying a holiday voucher in Turkey on early booking. TUI Ukraine has included cancellation insurance in all tours for the summer 2021 season, which also covers cancellation in connection with a positive test for COVID-19.

In some hotels (most often in the exclusive hotels of the tour operator), you can upgrade the room category for free. Or take part in the “Passport as a gift” promotion, according to which the tour operator gives a discount of 600 UAH for each passport that must be issued after booking the tour.

Possibility to change the name / surname of tourists

If plans change, you can make changes and change the names of the tourists in your application (provided that this does not affect the age group and the total number of tourists). The possibility of such changes no later than 48 hours before departure has already been announced by the tour operator Orbita.

Favorable conditions for cancellation

Cases are different, and sometimes tourists have to refuse the booked trip. In this case, you need to compensate the tour operator from 2% to 15% of its cost. And with early booking, most operators offer the most favorable cancellation terms.

For example, in ALF TOUR, cancellations until 02/28/2021 – without compensation at all. And until 03/31/2021 – with a minimum fine of UAH 1000 per person.

ANEX TOUR stated that there were no actual costs for canceling early booking requests before April 1, 2021.

Travel Professional Group (TPG) has cancellation without penalty until February 28, 2021 if there is more than 30 days before the start of the tour.

As you can see, there are minimal or no penalties at all, so you don’t have to be afraid and plan your vacation well in advance. Experienced travelers from Aves Travel will tell you about all the nuances, possible risks and privileges of early booking travel to Turkey. And they will also help you choose tours to Turkey with early booking from Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv and other cities, so that your vacation is not only profitable, but also comfortable and memorable!

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