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Buy a tour to the Maldives with a discount
To be honest, the pandemic announced in the spring broke vacation plans for thousands of people. And it hit hard on the economy of tourist countries. By the end of…

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Where to relax in Bulgaria
While the world is going through difficult times of the post-pandemic crisis, traveling abroad is becoming a real challenge for fans of foreign travel. Due to Covid-19 test requirements, mandatory…

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TOP 7 interesting thermal pools in Ukraine
How to book hotels with thermal springs so as not to be disappointed? Ever since the time of the Roman Empire, the spa has been a favorite pastime of the…


Balkans that will surprise you
The Balkans is a geographic region in southeastern Europe, which includes many historically significant countries that are not as famous among tourists as European locations. But in vain. Although the…

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New destination – the islands of Tenerife

You have probably at least once heard about this Spanish island – the largest and, perhaps, the most hospitable among the entire Canary archipelago. Here windy beaches (hello to surf lovers) coexist with a cozy coast, where it is comfortable to relax with children. This island is home to the famous Loro Park and the Teide volcano, the highest point in the Atlantic Ocean. And, of course, everyone will find here entertainment to their liking: noisy youth and quiet family resorts, diving, surfing, paragliding and peaceful beach relaxation. Continue reading

New Year is coming – where can you go?

As the saying goes, get the sleigh ready in the summer. It seems that autumn is just coming into its own, and we at Aves Travel are already preparing interesting New Year’s tours for you. Which destination will you choose: the eternal summer of the Dominican Republic or ski Andorra? Or maybe you want to combine city and sightseeing rest? Aves Travel will offer you interesting tours to anywhere in the world, and in today’s article we will share some of the offers that are already available for booking.

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Corporate vacation with Aves Travel

We spend the third part of the day at work – almost as much as we sleep (and this is at best!). Therefore, it is not at all surprising that even inspiring work can turn into boring everyday life over time. Corporate recreation and team building will help to raise the professional spirit – experienced managers have long known about their effectiveness. How about away teambuilding and a quality weekend for your team? We will talk about this in the blog of the tour operator Aves Travel.

Spoiler alert: with us you have almost endless possibilities for organizing corporate tours. Our clients do not fly except to Mars, but this is only for now;) Continue reading

Toll Roads in Europe: Everything You Wanted to Know

It is a great idea to drive a car in Europe, but apart from the peculiarities of traffic rules in the country where you plan to travel, you should know in advance about the peculiarities of using the roads. You’ve probably heard that there are toll autobahns in European countries. How much does it cost to drive along such a highway and is it possible to avoid unnecessary expenses – we talk about this today in the blog of the tour operator Aves Travel. All figures given are for passenger cars weighing up to 3.5 tonnes.

Where in Europe you can drive for free
Everywhere. According to the law, every toll highway has an alternative free option. And it’s not about the quality of the coverage – it is the same everywhere, but it is offered to pay for comfort and high average speed. Continue reading

Rest in Thailand in quarantine

Thailand seems to have it all: vibrant nightlife and pristine island beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and lush underwater worlds, good-quality budget hotels and ancient temples. Well, where else can you idly soak up the beach in one day, interrupting for diving and Thai massage, and then ride an elephant in the wild jungle and go for a walk in the ancient city?

It is not at all surprising that this land is so fond of the Ukrainian tourist, and he certainly would not want to give up the trip due to quarantine restrictions. On this occasion, we have good news for you – since November 1, Thailand has opened for tourists, and it is quite comfortable to relax here in compliance with quarantine rules. Which ones, we will now tell you. Continue reading

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Toll Roads in Europe: Everything You Wanted to Know
It is a great idea to drive a car in Europe, but apart from the peculiarities of traffic rules in the country where you plan to travel, you should know…


Which country to choose as your first safari trip
European languages ​​borrowed the word "safari" from Swahili. At first, it meant exotic hunting in Africa. Nowadays, safari is most often a detailed inspection of the reserve. But no one…